New Statewide Councils: Our Future, Our Power

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By Chet Jorgenson, MAPE President


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed we need to agitate, organize, legislate and vote to make social and economic progress for everyone.  

MAPE has a new structure to do just that! We now have a statewide Organizing Council and a statewide Political Council that will focus on building a better union for you and your family and community.

Many members have wanted to become more involved with MAPE and both the Organizing Council and the Political Council will allow members to focus on political and organizing topics most important to them while working on issues that strengthen and sustain the power of our members.   

Following the 2017 Delegate Assembly, MAPE began planning a governing restructure that would better support the union’s strategic plan, develop leaders, build diversity and make the union more adaptable. As a result, the Political Council and the Organizing Council were developed and approved at the 2018 Delegate Assembly. The Councils will enable MAPE not only to survive but thrive well into the future. 

The new councils provide an opportunity for more democracy within MAPE’s structure, spreading power and advancement to members interested in leadership roles.

Both statewide councils will comprise five elected members, and each Council will elect a chair who will serve on the Executive Committee and Board of Directors. Both Councils will create and operate under their own charters, approved by MAPE’s Board of Directors, and be accountable to MAPE leadership and community.   

The Organizing Council’s purpose is to organize diverse professionals to build power and will recommend strategic direction on MAPE’s organizing, membership, engagement and political work. The Council’s scope:

  • Organize around key statewide and local issues, strategizing with external organizations
  • Develop, implement and monitor membership recruitment and retention
  • Leadership development
  • Leverage technology, communications and public relations to support membership strategies

The Political Council’s purpose is to align MAPE’s legislative priorities, member political education and legislative/political engagement. The Council’s scope:

  • Oversee strategy implementation while building legislative power
  • Organize to build political power
  • Develop media, community and public relations strategies
  • Build and engage local leaders

MAPE needs members to help build and organize our strength as a united group. If you’re a MAPE member interested in serving in a leadership role, or know someone who is, nominate today! Regional and statewide position nominations may be sent to MAPE Central at If you have additional questions, please contact Sierra Plunkett at (651) 287-8763. Nominations are due by Thursday, April 11. For more election information, visit: