Negotiators meet to continue work on contract proposals

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Negotiators discuss priorities to draft contract language around.

MAPE negotiators met on Friday, February 8, to begin reviewing proposals focusing on two primary themes: investment in the workforce and diversity and inclusion. While meeting as a committee to determine potential MAPE proposals, negotiators spent time identifying key priorities and discussing viewpoints to develop into contract language and present to the governor’s team. Negotiators also shared member experiences and stories in response to member proposals, language changes or ways to create a better workforce. Co-Chair Lynn Butcher stated, “I’m impressed with the rich conversation, shared experiences, transparency and progress the team made today.”

Negotiators discuss diversity and inclusion.

Midway through the day, the committee broke into two workgroups. One group worked on proposals surrounding investment in the workforce, and the other group worked on proposals surrounding equity and inclusion. Negotiators were focused and diligently worked through more than two full bargaining themes in one day.

Prior to the conclusion of the day, proposals were vetted and agreed upon by the full bargaining team. They will now be drafted into contract language proposed to the governor’s team. Co-Chair Maggie Dreon said, “It is clear this committee has internalized all the input they received from members. MAPE members are the focus of these proposals, and I’m excited to see them put into contract language.”