Negotiations 2021 Solidarity Action

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Next week we meet with MMB to continue negotiating your next MAPE Contract.
We need your pictures! 
MAPE Strong Sample
1. Wear blue, MAPE gear, or MAPE button
2. Write a sign that says “MAPE Strong” or use the background and take a screen shot.
3. Take a picture.
4. On May 26, the first day of mediation, tweet your photo using:
#reimaginingMN #MAPEContract @mapemn @MMBCommunicates
If you don't use Twitter, send to for us to tweet out!
5. Now get 5 colleagues to do it too!
Adam - MAPE Strong
Here is the file for the MAPE Strong background.
Here are instructions to take a screenshot with the background in zoom. 
Here is the file for just the MAPE strong logo if you want to print it.