Members hosting district meetings with legislators

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Members are hosting meetings with their legislators across the state and members of the Political Council are helping to organize the meetings.

In-district meeting with Rep. Rick Hansen and Sen. Matt Klein in West St. Paul

Political Council Chair Cathleen Cotter said the meetings are deliberately low-key and take place over coffee or snacks, “We are hoping to establish relationships between MAPE members and their legislators; we’re getting to know them and they’re getting to know us. We talk about the good work we do for Minnesotans.”

Photo at right: Members meet with Rep. Rick Hansen and Sen. Matt Klein over coffee in West St. Paul.

Cotter was one of more than a dozen people attending a recent meeting with Rep. Rick Hansen (HD 52A) and Sen. Matt Klein (SD 52) at the Amore coffee shop in West St. Paul. “We had a pretty diverse group there, including someone worked in grants, another member was in communications and social media, and someone else worked in corporate sales at the Minnesota Zoo,” Cotter said. “The legislators were very interested in learning about what we do.” 

Members converse with Rep. Rick Hansen in West St. Paul.

“Legislators don’t have a deep understanding of what you do day in and day out,” admitted Rep. Rick Hansen. “We want to do more open events where you can tell us what you do and how you do it.”

Photo at left: Members converse with Rep. Rick Hansen (left in plaid shirt) in West St. Paul.

One dozen members and family members attended an Oct. 14 meeting in Duluth with Sen. Erik Simonson (SD 7) and Representatives Jennifer Schultz (HD 7A) and Liz Olson (HD 7B).

“It was a really optimistic meeting with the three legislators in Duluth. They’re very labor-friendly but it was good to hear them talk about how grateful they were to learn about how we serve the residents of Minnesota,” said Megan Dayton, a member of the Political Council.

“It’s great to do this with a group of other members in the room – just showing up demonstrates your support for the work we do and the contract we have yet to pass. It’s also fun to hear about what other members do,” Dayton added.

The Political Council is also holding listening sessions with MAPE locals to talk about how politics affect our daily lives, both professionally and personally.