Meet and Confer Members Needed at Corrections, DEED and Public Safety

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MAPE is looking for dedicated members from the Departments of Corrections, Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and Public Safety to join their agency's Meet and Confer Committee. The committee works with management in a collaborative way to resolve issues and create a better workplace.

Meet and Confer Committees meet with management to discuss issues within an agency that are not part of MAPE’s collective bargaining agreement. At these meetings, both MAPE and management can bring forward issues for discussion and resolution. Successful Meet and Confer Committees work with members to find issues and concerns that impact members in their agency workplace.

Members who are interested in participating on the Meet and Confer Committee may apply here. MAPE President Chet Jorgenson will bring the nominations to MAPE’s Board of Directors for final approval. If you have questions, please email Beth Paris at The application deadline is Oct. 11, 2019.

Meet and Confer members must be willing to regularly have one-on-one conversations and host small group discussions with members in their agency to gain a complete understanding of the issues and interests of other employees. Some topics other agency Meet and Confer teams are discussing with management include student loan debt repayment programs, telework and scheduling.

Some of these committees also negotiate supplemental agreements to the MAPE contract that apply only to their agencies. These supplemental agreements are forwarded to MAPE’s negotiations team where they may become part of the negotiations process.