MAPE Medicare plan for 2019 An option for members, their families

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MAPE Medicare Retiree Plan is an option for MAPE employees and their families during Medicare's 2019 plan year open enrollment that kicks off Monday and runs through Dec. 7.

Medicare "Cost" plans may no longer be offered in counties where there is competition from qualifying Medicare Advantage plans. This means that in most counties in Minnesota, Medicare "Cost" plans will be going away beginning Jan. 1. "Cost" plans are where carriers pay health care providers for the cost of each specific service they provide, while "Advantage" plans use a different type of payment arrangement.

Given this change, Medica has still put together attractive plans to fit MAPE members’ needs. A change from last year: Maximum out of pocket for prescriptions in the “Choice” plan has changed from a $1,000 annual maximum in 2018 to the “Medicare limit” effective with the 2019 plan year. Key parts of the MAPE Medicare plan are:

  • More choices. As an alternative to the plans offered by the state, MAPE is offering plans with lower premium cost and a choice of a comprehensive plan that will cover more out of pocket expenses. Pick the plan that best suits your needs.
  • Flexibility. Participants will be able to customize coverage needs to their individual circumstances.
  • Dedicated service team. Medica has assigned service representatives trained to answer questions about all your Medica Medicare options. In addition, Capital Street Financial Services advisors will help you navigate the complexities of Medicare and make sense of your choices.

Grids for the three plans are here:

Questions? Feel free to contact Capital Street Financial Services at (651) 665-4300, (800) 728-0144 or at