MAPE endorses Stu Lourey for state Senate District 11 special election

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For Immediate Release:                               Contact: Richard Kolodziejski, (612) 963-2489

Friday, Jan. 11, 2019                                   

MAPE endorses Stu Lourey for special election in MN Senate District 11

The Minnesota Association of Professional Employees’ (MAPE) Political Action Committee has endorsed Stu Lourey in his bid to become Senator for the special election slated to be held on Feb. 5, 2019.

Stu Lourey

“Stu Lourey is the candidate with the strongest campaign infrastructure in place that will carry him through the January 22nd primary and the special election in February. As Senator, Stu will ensure that rural Minnesotans have access to the critical resources and support that those communities need the most,” said Cathleen Cotter, chair of MAPE’s Political Action Committee.

“Following a screening of candidates, MAPE’s Political Action Committee unanimously endorsed Stu Lourey for Senate District 11 because he is committed to running a community-based campaign centered around working families. He will also ensure that collective bargaining rights are protected so workers have a voice in the workplace,” said Cotter.

We believe Stu Lourey has the drive, strength, dedication and shared values to continue bringing Minnesotans together to advance our state’s economy. He will also stringently defend workers’ rights, including the freedom to organize and strongly support the defined benefit pensions for people who dedicate their lives to public service.

MAPE represents more than 15,000 professional state government employees.


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