MAPE contract goes into interim effect Nov. 22 paychecks will contain back pay

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State employees' last paycheck in Nov. will contain a holiday surprise: the cost of living adjustments negotiated in MAPE’s 2019-2021 tentative contract. The paycheck on Nov. 22 will include retroactive pay for July 1-Oct. 29.

Employees who retired or left state service after June 30 will need to notify their employer if they want to receive the pay increase. Agencies will be sending out notification soon.

Our new contract language allows individual agencies, at their discretion, to work with MAPE on reimbursement of student loan payments, as well as recruitment and retention incentives for hard-to-staff positions. It’s up to all of us to encourage agencies to get involved in these new projects. If you want to help with this effort, reach out to the MAPE members on your agency’s Meet and Confer teams at

Healthcare Open Enrollment begins today and closes on Nov. 20. This is the only time employees can change insurance benefits for the next year unless employees experience a qualifying life event. These benefits are an important part of our compensation and health; the plans have changed so you may want to take some time to review the options at If you live in the southern part of the state and will be impacted by changes to Mayo Clinic cost levels, please contact Kirsten Peterson at (Kirsten, Local 1801, will be temporarily helping MAPE cover the St. Peter/Mankato area for the next few months.)