MAPE Calls for Kroll's Resignation

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The Minnesota Association of Professional Employees mourns the loss of George Floyd, and honors the significance of his life. On behalf of our members, MAPE sends our heartfelt condolences to the Floyd family and broader community. MAPE is determined to do our part to bring change by instilling equity, justice and inclusion more centrally in our own work. 

MAPE acknowledges the deep historical trauma associated with police killings of unarmed Black men and women in the United States. To move forward with this truth, we note that policing has roots in slave patrols that have morphed into sanctioned, militarized policing of Black and other marginalized communities. We call on policing to revisit and reimagine its charge to protect and serve all communities. 

MAPE also recognizes the need to prioritize our equity and inclusion efforts. To our members, particularly those of historically marginalized communities, we take this unprecedented call for social change to also reflect on the need for MAPE to more equitably and inclusively fulfill our union mission. For all members, we invite you to join upcoming efforts to hold ourselves accountable to achieving that shift in our union culture. 

Finally, MAPE stands with other major unions in the call for reform in the Minneapolis Police Federation, including but not limited to a call for the resignation of President Bob Kroll. As a union, we take this call for leadership change seriously and call on Minneapolis police officers to demand and elect new leadership for their union. We support the community’s demands to be at the bargaining table making their voices heard in negotiations between the city of Minneapolis and Minneapolis Police Department. Given the focus on more just and accountable policing, the actions of the Minneapolis Police Federation President Kroll following the killing of George Floyd are not consistent with the broader values and expectations that MAPE, fellow unions and Minnesotans expect in light of widespread calls for social change, equity, and justice in our state.