MAPE awards annual member awards

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As part of the Delegate Assembly (DA), MAPE awards three awards to members and locals each year. This year the delegates met for a virtual awards ceremony. President Megan Dayton awarded the Betty Rogers Award and the Neil Farnsowrth Award, and Jerry Schmitt, Local 802 president and DA planning committee member, recognized the locals with membership of 80% or higher.

Betty Rogers Award

Jessica Raptis

This is an annual recognition award to a Minnesota government professional for outstanding union achievement. This year’s award goes to Region 11 Director Jessica Raptis. Jess is a senior program administrator with the Department of Corrections. Jess has stepped up to support DOC members and joined the DOC statewide Meet and Confer team. She has also been very active in electoral and legislative work, and helped lead MAPE efforts on deficiency funding legislation needed for her agency. As part of her term on the Board of Directors, she has volunteered for many projects including serving on the DA Planning Committee and heading MAPE’s scholarship sub-group. She is also very involved in Local 1101’s holiday donation drive.

Neil Farnsworth Award

Neil Farnsworth Award

Neil Farnsworth for distinguished service award is presented to a Minnesota state government professional for dedicated and exemplary service. The award this year is given to Local 902’s Carrie Klumb.

Carrie currently is the Meet and Confer Chair for the Minnesota Department of Health. She also wears many other hats in her role as a senior epidemiologist with MDH. In addition to her normal role as rabies surveillance coordinator and working to keep farmers in our state healthy, she has been part of teams that help monitor students and schools as well as healthcare workers exposed to the virus. The pandemic has given Carrie and her team the unique opportunity to be the voice for healthcare workers on the frontlines.

MAPE’s top priority for the 2020 legislative session was to ratify the contract. We formed a coalition with several other unions to highlight what we were doing to serve Minnesotans during the pandemic and Carrie was our representative at a virtual press conference. Her story was picked up by several media outlets and she did our union proud.

Local Membership Award

Local Membership Award

The Local Membership Award recognizes locals that have accomplished something only a handful of locals have achieved before them: 80 percent or higher membership. We all know how hard member recruitment can be in a “normal” year – but these locals achieved this during a pandemic!

Congratulations to Locals 201, 301, 802, 902, 1303, 1701, 1703, 1901, 1902, 1903 and 2101 on this outstanding achievement.