Make your voice and vote count in precinct caucuses and presidential primary

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Precinct caucuses are coming up on Feb. 25 and the presidential primary is on Mar. 3. While the primary will allow you to cast your vote for the next president, caucuses allow you to shape your political party.

Precinct Caucuses

Precinct caucuses allow Minnesotans to connect with neighbors who share similar values and offer an opportunity to have your voice heard by proposing and voting on resolutions that shape your community. Participants will also have the chance to vote for, and even run for, delegate positions at future conventions. To find your party’s precinct caucus location and upcoming events, click on your party of choice here:

MAPE-endorsed Candidates

MAPE’s PAC members have interviewed and endorsed more than 100 candidates so far. To see which candidates the union has endorsed this cycle, check the MAPE PAC web page which will be updated on a rolling basis

Presidential Primary Election

Minnesota not only leads the nation in voting, voters here will have the opportunity to be some of the earliest presidential primary voters in the country. Early voting began Jan. 17 in anticipation of Minnesota’s Super Tuesday presidential primary election on Mar. 3.

Register to Vote and Vote

To find your early voting locations or sign up for an absentee ballot click here or to find your primary polling location click here

If you need to register to vote in Minnesota, follow this link:

Minnesota allows same-day registration on Election Day. This is what you need to bring to the polling place with you: