Locals planning nearly a dozen contract actions During negotiations for MAPE's 2019-21 contract

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Nearly 30 members from 11 agencies have committed to planning contract actions during the upcoming 2019-21 contract negotiations session. The members made the commitments Friday when they attended a leadership training for meet and confer committee participants.   

Sadie Watts -- Jess Raptis

In the photo on the right, from left to right, two Corrections Department MAPE members, Sadie Watts (1903) and Jess Raptis (1101), discuss contract action plans.   

Local 1903’s Sadie Watts, a clinical therapist at the Minnesota Correctional Facility-Faribault, said her goal is to keep all Minnesotans safe. “I see my role is to bridge MAPE and AFSCME, and identify that we have similar objectives: We need to be fully staffed, we need officers to be trained and be at the facilities,” she said.

“I think sometimes people only think of officers and inmates in these settings, and my role is to make sure the public understands that there are other professionals -- therapists, nurses, teachers, doctors, psychologists -- that can’t do the work in the facilities without the proper officer staffing.”

In addition to Corrections, members representing other agencies committed to developing contract actions over the next few months include Direct Care and Treatment Centers, Education, Health, Human Services, MNIT, Minnesota State, MNsure, Natural Resources, Revenue and Transportation. 

Revenue meet and confer team

In the photo on the right, Department of Revenue meet and confer team members make contract action plans for their agency.   

“What struck me today is how strategic this all is. Student loan reimbursement has been a big issue in the 25 listening sessions we’ve held so far at the Department of Revenue. It can’t just be the eight of us sitting down with the deputy commissioner -- we really need to research, gauge interest and decide if this will be an important benefit to many members. We need to really know where people are coming from and how to play that strategically,” said Nikki Engen, a member of Local 1401 and collections officer in Ely.

“A student loan reimbursement program would help keep people around, especially those just starting out. We want to keep them instead of having them leave for more money at another job,” added Local 401’s Joe Sullivan.

Negotiations Committee, and meet and confer committee members are planning to reach 5,000 MAPE members over the next few months through hundreds of listening sessions regarding the 2019-21 contract. Members of the committees will next meet on Jan. 11 to further discuss their contract action plans.