Local 802 minutes May 21, 2019

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MAPE Local 802 Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Time: 12:00 – 12:45

Location: Retirement Systems of Minnesota, 1st floor Training Room


Present: President Jerry Schmitt, Vice President Anteneh Fulas, Treasurer Jeff Jacobson, Secretary Afiya Krueger, and Business Agent Alex Erickson.


The meeting was called to order at 12:08 pm by President Jerry Schmitt.


Jerry Schmitt, President: Meeting minutes for April 3, 2019 were distributed during the meeting. No changes or comments were given by members on the meeting minutes so a motion was made to accept by Jeff Jacobson and seconded by Diane Maine. Passed unanimously.


Statewide Elections, Jerry Schmitt: Make sure to vote if you haven’t.


Negotiations & Working Together Action, Jerry Schmitt & Afiya Krueger: April 4, 2019 negotiations were open to the public like never before. MAPE’s proposals are grouped together by themes which are interesting and engaging. At the Working Together Action event, four members shared their personal stories to encourage MMB to agree to our proposals.


As negotiations continued through the next couple of months, MMB was thrown off by the real time transparency for members to share what was being discussed and proposed during meetings. MAPE used Facebook live and Twitter to keep members informed and updated on negotiations. MMB called in mediation very early in the negotiations process, possibly as a way to have closed door meetings. The negotiation team will be able to share information after meetings, but no longer during meetings, since we are going to be in mediation. Typically mediation is saved for the last couple of days of negotiation during push week in June.


We will need people to attend another large negotiations gathering on June 18, 2019. Mark your calendars.


Negotiation Team Proposals, Jerry Schmitt: Membership in attendance were asked to vote for their top 3 proposals out of these 10 listed. They are listed in rank order with the number of votes.

  1. Across-the-board increase – Over 20, a vast majority: Salary/wage increases
  2. 2nd floating holiday – 16: Currently we get 1 per fiscal year (FY), the proposal is to increase that to 2.
  3. Increase severance pay from sick time – 15: Currently 40% of first 900 hours and 12.5% over 900 hours.
  4. Vacation – 12: Granting new employees (under 5 years) higher vacation accruals sooner.
  5. Safety leave – 10: Allowing 16 paid hours each FY for bad weather days as determined by the appointing authority. Hours do not accumulate from year to year.
  6. Bereavement leave – 7: Allowing 5 paid days for death of a family member (apart from sick/vacation time).
  7. Telecommuting – 7: Developing a standardized telecommuting policy to add to the contract for all employees
  8. Student loans – 9: Student loan debt forgiveness
  9. Phased retirement – 2: Partial retirement options for those wishing to reduce working hours and collect a retirement benefit.
  10. Temporary unclassified – None: Improving the union protections regarding job security, overtime and increases for temporary unclassified employees.


Alex Erickson, Business Agent:

  • Budget proposals are being discussed for the next fiscal year.
  • Labor Management Committees (LMC) for MSRS and TRA have vacancies. Please contact Alex if you are from one of those agencies and interested. The LMC is an important committee to discuss ideas for improvement within the agency and resolve agency workplace issues/concerns before grievances are filed. Meetings are typically help quarterly, 4 times in the year.
  • PERA LMC is meeting May 22, 2019. Let your local officers know if there is a PERA topic you’d like to add to the agenda.


Other Business:

  • Jerry followed up with HR regarding the Sick Leave Policy. The “fixed 12-month period” is administered as a rolling year. The time of the sick leave occurrence then back 12 months can be reviewed.
  • Bonus Treat for the first member to report seeing this during the approval of meeting minutes in July. 


Meeting was adjourned at 12:55 pm.


Submitted by Afiya Krueger | MAPE Local 802 Secretary