Local 802 Meeting Minutes Sept 24, 2019

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MAPE Local 802 Meeting Minutes

Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Time: 12:00 – 12:45

Location: Retirement Systems of Minnesota, 1st floor Training Room

Present: President Jerry Schmitt, Secretary Afiya Krueger, Treasurer Jeff Jacobson, and Business Agent Alex Erickson.

The meeting was called to order at 12:03 pm by President Jerry Schmitt.


Jerry Schmitt, President: Meeting minutes for July 23, 2019 were distributed with the meeting notice prior to this meeting. No changes or comments were given by members on the meeting minutes so a motion was made to accept by Madelyn Lewis and seconded by Stacy Martin. Passed unanimously.

New Stewards, Jerry Schmitt: We have added 11 new stewards for a total of 13: Takara Archer, Brian Budziszewski, Patrick Daly, Anteneh Fulas, Jocelyn Johnson, Anne Kappelhoff, Jody Kortus, Nina Kraemer, Chris Kramer, Afiya Krueger, Gina Lebrun, Deb Otto, and Jerry Schmitt.

Delegate Assembly (DA) Summary, Jerry Schmitt: MAPE’s annual meeting to discuss/pass new resolutions and listen to inspiring speakers. The DA donated $50,000 to support the striking workers after a powerful and emotional speech from United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 722 member Steve Frisque involved in the General Motors strike in Hudson, WI.

Contract Information 2019 to 2021, Jerry Schmitt & Alex Erickson: Pay increase likely in Nov/Dec depending on the Subcommittee on Employee Relations (SER).

MAPE Charity Gift Basket, Jerry Schmitt: This was in the 2019 budget. All yes, none opposed for the combined charities gift card basket making this our 5th year. 

Other Business:

  • Jerry and Afiya discussed budgeting and mapping ideas from the Local Presidents Meeting on September 20, 2019.
  • Jerry brought up the suggestion to budget for a Good and Welfare policy for acknowledgement of MAPE retirees within our local. Members liked that idea and are to send other ideas to Jerry about what would be good to include in the policy.
  • Alex inquired if members have received the anti-union letter from Upper Midwest Legal Center to drop their membership.


Meeting was adjourned at 12:54 pm.

Submitted by Afiya Krueger | MAPE Local 802 Secretary