Local 701 minutes Oct 16, 2019

Publish Date

MAPE Local 701 Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, October 16th - 2019 - 11:30 -12:30

Centennial Office Building: Blazing Star Conference Room Bring a colleague with you to the meeting!


Meeting called to order by Local President Dennis Billstrom at 11:32am.


ll:30 - ll:35 ADMINISTRATIVE

Introductions - Officers present: Dennis Billstrom, Ken Jackson, Ellena Schoop, Russell Schreyer, A.J. Van den Berghe, Ajeet Yadav.

Stewards present: Donna Anderson, Tanya Belanger, John Jordan, Ellena Schoop, Ajeet Yadav.

Thank You (lunch) - Thanks to Russell Schreyer for September meeting's lunch.

Establlsh Quorum - Qu orum established by majority raising of hands.

Attendance Sign-In Sheet - Distributed.

Door Prize Slgnup - Distributed. As a reminder: the winner of the $50 monthly door prize can spend up to $450 for the next meeting's lunch.


11:35 - 11:40 MEMBER INFORMATION SHARING - Open Mic (1 minute per share)

Mark Braun - Toastmasters club meets in Blazing Star Conference Room twice a month, 11:00am this Friday is next meeting. Contact Mark for more information.




11:40 - 11:45 OLD BUSINESS

Review Minutes

Any Additions or Changes

All In favor? - Approved with voice vote.


ll:45 - 12:00 REPORTS

  • President - Dennis Billstrom - Please direct any potential newsletter items to Editor Chris Cocchiarella. Chris is looking for volunteers to be featured in future employee features. Dennis recognized Ellena for being awarded the Betty Rogers Outstanding Achievement Award at Delegate Assembly, congrats to Ellena!
  • Treasurer - Ken Jackson - Proposed budget increase to be discussed later this meeting for

Show Your Colors Initiative.

  • Membership - Russel Schreyer - Help-Wanted email went out, developing a plan for Floor Captains. Another email will be sent soon to get additional information out about volunteer positions to help perform outreach for membership.
  • Chief Steward - Ellena Schoop
  • Regional Director - Ellena Schoop (Congratulations to Ellena for receiving the Betty Rogers Outstanding Achievement award).
  • MAPE Business agent - Lyz Martin - (not in attendance)
  • Vice-President -Ajeet Yadav - Admin Meet & Confer meeting held yesterday, need one more Admin employee to volunteer to be a member of the Admin M&C meetings process going forward.
  • Secretary-A.J. Van den Berghe - MAPE Local 701's A.J. Van den Berghe and Megan Dayton brought members of their families out to "Family Day" at the UAW picket line in Hudson, WI on 9/29. Even with the announcement of their tentative agreement picket lines remain active 24/7. Every Sunday until their contract is ratified they'll hold #SolidaritySunday in which they ask supporters, especially those from other labor unions, to join to help them walk the picket line. If  any interested Local 701 members want to  visit the picket line on a Sunday, please reach out to

A.J. and he'll try to organize something.



12:00 -  12:15             NEW BUSINESS


  • Review resolutions at MAPE Delegate Assembly - Dennis provided an update on outcomes of Delegate Assembly (DA) by reading the update posted at: https://mape.org/news/2019-delegate­ assembly-recap. Additional DA highlights mentioned were Tim Walz' speech to the delegation, UAW Local 722 (Hudson, WI) Representative Steve Frisque also addressed DA and attendees voted and approved a donation of $50,000. MAPE Local 701 has 6 delegates and 6 alternates, consider being involved in next year's DA.
  • Show You r Colors Allocation increase vote. - Officers & Membership Committee want our members to wear MAPE shirts on General Membership Meeting days. To help encourage this, the Local is seeking to allocate an additional $3,300 to the existing $1,700 to have a total of $5,000 to spend on T-Shirts. Our Standing Rules state that before we can vote on this that we need to bring it  up in a general membership meeting. A vote to allocate additional funds will be held at the November General Membership Meeting.
  • New Contract -  SER Meeting on the 22nd   -    The SER hearing to vote on our tentative agreement, is

planned to occur 10/22 at 10AM at the Minnesota Senate Building, Room 1150. A MAPE pre-meeting will be held in Blazing Star Conference Room at 9AM before the SER hearing.

  • MAPE fall elections are coming, but there is nothing for Region 7 to vote on.
  • Ellena is holding a meeting next Thursday at lunch to meet again with all new MAPE Local 701- represented employees to circle back and give additional time to discuss union membership with union members, and to encourage them again to become members.
  • Dennis made an appeal to any volunteers to help clean the lunch mess.


12:15 -12:25 FEATURE

Donna - do you want to talk about your new Membership swag Bag drawing? - Our earlier Member for Member Initiative had a raffle for a $50 prize for any new signed member cards. lnterest/participation is needed again, and Donna is proposing a MAPE-branded gear "Swag Bag" as a potential alternative prize. Membership Committee to continue discussing.


12:25 - 12:30 CLOSING

Don't Forget - Next Month Meeting Is up at the Admln Bulldlng- Rm 1168

Door Prize Drawing (for arranging next month's lunch) - Tanya Belanger's name drawn.

Adjournment- Local President Dennis Billstrom motioned to adjourn and passed by majority consensus at 12:19am.


Meeting minutes taken in blue text by Local Secretary AJ Van den Berghe.