Local 2101 minutes Jan 8, 2019

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Local 2101 Meeting
Meeting Minutes

January 8, 2019

Anderson Bldg. Rooms 2370 & 2380
Lunch: Old World

Welcome – Liz Pearson, President

        • Happy New Year! Happy 2019!
  • At our last meeting we had 3 new members sign up, and 3 people expressed interest in being stewards- let’s keep that momentum going!


Approval of meeting minutes and agenda – Liz Pearson


Announcements – Liz Pearson

  • Membership rate is currently 82%! Yay! Please sign up today if you want to be a member and are not yet
  • We need stewards! Stewards meet monthly. New steward training is happening January 25. Contact Chris Cachuela (chris.cachuela@state.mn.us) if you are interested. A steward is a MAPE member who learns our contract inside and out in order to help fellow MAPE members with contract-related issues. A steward is someone other members can trust with their questions and can help file grievances. It’s an important and fulfilling role!
  • MAPE 101: Join us Tuesday January 22 from 12-1p, room 2380. Nicole Juan will be presenting and leading a discussion about Lobbying. Contact Elizabeth Pearson for the meeting invite.
    • Note: A big congratulations to MAPE 101 organizer Amelia Fink!! She had a healthy baby boy, Robert on December 20! J
  • 2019 Legislature started today, as well as our new Governor Tim Walz, Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, and Commissioner Tony Lourey
  • Our Treasurer Sylvia Kidder was looking for committee members to conduct our annual local financial audit, which will happen sometime in January. But she has now filled the committee- thanks to those who volunteered for this important job!
  • Volunteer Committee Volunteer Opportunity: Pack food for Feed My Starving Children in Eagan, Saturday, January 26, 9-11am. Sign up with Andrea Falk (andrea.falk@state.mn.us) or Jennifer Willette (jennifer.willette@state.mn.us). View this PowerPoint for more information. Currently all 20 spots are filled but there is a waiting list
  • MAPE donated to the Sheridan Story in December (link to photo). Our local gave $250 as part of a larger contribution from other MAPE locals and MAPE Central, for a total of $1,870. The Sheridan Story was featured in local news stories about children with food insecurity who could go to any YMCA in the Twin Cities and Rochester to get food during winter break. We were a part of making that happen!


Employees with Disabilities Employee Resource Group – Peter Beierwaltes and Linda Wolford, Cochairs

  • Peter and Linda started the Employees with Disabilities ERG about a year ago
  • Open to every member of DHS but specifically for employees with an apparent or non-apparent disability, including people with physical disabilities, learning differences, mental illness, neurodiversity, or other disabilities. You do not have to share what your disability is if you do not want to, but the group hopes to provide a safe and supportive space to feel comfortable sharing if you do want to!
  • The ERG aspires to provide an inclusive environment where employees feel comfortable discussing disability and workplace concerns. You can learn more about the ERG’s purpose and aspirations on their one-page sheet, linked here.
  • The group usually meets the first Tuesday of the month, 12:30-2:00pm, but it’s subject to change so watch for notifications on DHS today for meeting times, dates, and locations
    • There is a meeting today at 1:00pm in 3223
    • Agenda for meeting today is to talk about what the group wants to do over the next year
  • Email Peter (peter.beierwaltes@state.mn.us) or Linda (linda.wolford@state.mn.us) if you have questions or are interested in joining the ERG. Right now there are about 26 employees on mailing list (but not all attend meetings regularly).
  • For more information about ERGs generally, visit the DHS Workplace site (https://workplace/iwg/ERG/default.aspx).


Member Concerns and Other Announcements – Liz Pearson 

  • Impact of federal shutdown on state employees: see Star Tribune article (http://www.startribune.com/state-agencies-ponder-how-shutdown-will-hit-home/503880742/)
  • As state employees who provide services for federally-funded services, we may see an impact, but right now we don’t know specifics. MMB is planning this week and they will communicate that information once they’ve made a plan.
  • Chris Cachuela met with HR. For now everything is ok for DHS. HR is going to try to sign a waiver with the feds to pay DHS back for expenses once things start moving again. If anything changes HR will let Chris know and she will communicate with us.


Contract Action Team (CAT) – Liz Pearson

  • First meeting is this Thursday, January 10, 12-1pm in Room 3223 (bring your lunch!)
  • MAPE 2101 hosted listening sessions around contract- thanks to those who participated. We need help with the next steps now
  • We will need people’s stories for contract negotiation and advocacy around issues. The purpose of the CAT is to help us go out and get those stories
  • Contact Liz (elizabeth.pearson@state.mn.us) for more information or if you want to be a part of it



Featured speaker!

  • We are proud and honored to welcome Peter Rachleff! Peter has long thought that labor history is something we live as well as study. For 30 years, he taught labor, immigration, and African American history at Macalester College, while also serving as a coordinator of solidarity for the Hormel strikers in 1985-1986 and the Northwest Airlines strikers in 2005-2006.
  • Peter launched the East Side Freedom Library about 5 years ago with his partner Beth Cleary
    • Their hope was to bring all the different ethnic and racial backgrounds together in a space to learn about each other’s histories, including labor.
    • The Library uses art and culture to inspire solidarity, advocate for justice, and work towards equity for all.
    • The Library hosts great events to bring people together- see flyers attached to this email for information about upcoming events
  • Peter gave a history of public employee unionism in the U.S., emphasizing the importance of the contributions of the women’s movement and the civil rights movement
  • Peter challenged us to think beyond just benefits and wages for our contract negotiations. We can also be advocates for the people we serve, and bargain for better ways to deliver services to our clients. For example, St. Paul public school teachers included the use of restorative justice rather than discipline to reduce racial disparities in their contract negotiations and won
  • Peter encouraged us to find allies with the people we serve, the community. Dream big. Do not feel defensive. Advocate for what you believe in and you will realize what you are looking for!
  • To support people impacted by the federal shutdown, Peter suggested that MAPE members:
    • Organize to support. Reach out to federal employee organizers (AFGE)- see what they need
    • Organize a protest here in MN at a federal building
    • Form the MAPE Solidarity Committee
    • Encourage people to donate personal funds- not just our collective MAPE funds
    • Let the federal employees and others impacted know that they are not alone!


Gift card winners

  • Whitney Tay, Trevor Urman, Jane King, Art Coulson


Upcoming meetings

  • Next Officer’s meeting: Thursday, January 31, 12-1 pm, ELA 5335
  • Next General Meeting: Tuesday, February 12, 12-1 pm, ELA 2370-80