Local 2101 minutes Dec 11, 2018

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Local 2101 Meeting
Meeting Minutes

December 11, 2018

Anderson Bldg. Rooms 2370 & 2380
Traditional Holiday Meal (Andersen Catering)

Welcome – Liz Pearson, President

  • Today is a time to look back and a time to look forward- enjoy the slide show while getting lunch!
  • A big THANK YOU to the Lunch Committee for the fabulous food!


Announcements – Liz Pearson

  • Apply to attend civic leadership and community organizing training workshops offered by the Industrial Areas Foundation in Chicago (Jan 19-20), North Carolina (Mar 17-22), Baltimore (May 2-4), or Mid-Atlantic Region (exact location TBD) (Nov 21-23). MAPE will cover reasonable travel expenses, registration fees, and lost time. Applications are due December 12, 2018. 
  • MAPE 101 cancelled for December. Join us Tuesday January 22 from 12-1p, room 2380 to discuss Lobbying. Contact Amelia Fink or Elizabeth Pearson for the meeting invite.
  • Volunteer Committee Volunteer Opportunity: Pack food for Feed My Starving Children in Eagan, Saturday, January 26, 9-11am. Twenty spots open, everyone will get a MAPE t-shirt! Sign up with Andrea Falk (andrea.falk@state.mn.us) or Jennifer Willette (jennifer.willette@state.mn.us). View this PowerPoint for more information.
  • Vacation credit for previous employment REMINDER: When submitting a request to HR for a vacation accrual adjustment, you must provide an official communication from your former employer that contains the following:
  • The nature of the work you performed at your previous employer, such as your title or job description.
  • Your date of employment.
  • The date when you were eligible to accrue PTO. (DD214 for Veterans).
  • Submit your documentation to HR (Sean Tolefree (sean.tolefree@state.mn.us) or MNITHR.Services@state.mn.us for MN-IT employees) If you have questions please reach out to an officer or steward- they can help!


Approval of meeting minutes and agenda – Liz Pearson


Veteran’s Employee Resource Group – Shantia (Tia) Hutchinson, Veteran’s ERG Chair

  • Veteran’s ERG is open to those who have previously served or are currently serving, those who know someone who has served, and allies who want to support veterans and their families
  • Meets once a month to talk about issues employees have, for example, leave accrual while out on drills. Currently working with MAPE to get vacation language changed in our contract
  • Email Tia (shantia.hutchinson@state.mn.us) if you have questions or are interested in joining the Veteran’s ERG
  • Liz encouraged people to join an ERG


Listening House Donation Request – Ladonna Morrison, Employee Engagement Committee

  • HCA Employee Engagement Committee asked for $500 to donate to Listening House ahead of the cold weather
  • Listening House is a sanctuary during the day for people who are homeless that provides services. 120 visit there daily. Located in St. Paul.
  • Membership voted to approve. Liz encouraged people to consider volunteering their time there too


Year in Review – Liz Pearson

  • We are the largest local in the state, and we are not run by the Executive Officers and Stewards alone
  • We achieved a lot in 2018, and there are exciting opportunities ahead in 2019!
  • See slideshow for more details


Member Acknowledgements – Liz Pearson 

  • Liz acknowledged all the members who really stepped up in 2018, including: Linda Atlas, Stephanie Widing, DeeDee Lessinger, Rebecca Johnson, Nacole Lind, April Beachem, Whitney Terrill, Susan Hall, Sarah Sinderbrand, Dylan Adams, Andrea Falk, Amelia Fink, Hari Lamitarey, Mary Swanson, Ashley Warling-Spiegel, Aron Buchanan, Michael Murray, Lucas Peterson, Jennifer Willette, Judie Hughes, Kate Kunitz, Rich Nymoen, Nancy Schultz, and James Jasper! Also:
  • Executive Team, including our Regional Director and Business Agents
  • Chief Steward and stewards
      • Q from membership: What is a steward? MAPE member who learns our contract inside and out, someone you can go to and trust, whatever the question is- can help you file a grievance if you have the right and have been denied. Examples- can help address bullying (which HR will also not tolerate, so if you’re experiencing bullying talk to HR or steward), helped to get an employee her job back with back pay.
      • We need more stewards! Contact Chris Cachuela (chris.cachuela@state.mn.us) if you are interested. Stewards meet monthly. New steward training coming up on January 25.
  • Lunch Committee- and if anyone else is interested in joining- please do so!
  • Meet and Confer Team
    • What does the Meet and Confer Team do? Meets at least quarterly with HR to discuss issues of concern, for example a policy that is not being applied fairly or consistently, to try to get things resolved before it becomes a grievance
    • Have also been sitting in on our listening sessions regarding our contract- some of the issues raised at the sessions might end up being a part of meet and confer
  • MAPE 101- Amelia Fink’s brainchild last year, several MAPE members have been instructors at these sessions.
    • Monthly meetings over lunch that provide a deep dive into MAPE and contract related issues
  • Delegate Assembly delegates
  • Volunteer Committee- Andrea Falk is chair, talk to her if you want to be involved! (andrea.falk@state.mn.us)


Meet and Confer Team: Listening Sessions Report – Whitney Terrill

  • Our local hosted 6 listening sessions, anywhere from 4-12 people attended each session
  • Issues and ideas raised included things like tuition reimbursement and student loans, more options for dental benefits, and adding vision coverage. (See word cloud for more)
  • If you still have contract ideas, you can reach out to any of the stewards, our contract negotiations representative Shawnet Healy (shawnet.healy@state.mn.us), or anyone on the meet and confer team. Ideas can still be considered for this year
  • Ideas or issues related to our contract can be submitted through January. Also MAPE Central sent out a survey regarding our contract with is open now through December 19 (if you didn’t get the email (check your junk folder), send email to MAPE Central for the link, which is specific to you)
  • Meet and Confer meets with HR quarterly, so they can always take ideas
  • If emergency, reach out to steward


Member Concerns and Other Announcements

  • MAPE is working on a social media policy, especially related to elections, and to possibly change our bylaws. If interested in volunteering to work on this, talk to Marcia Bierschenk (marcia.bierschenk@state.mn.us) or Liz Pearson (elizabeth.pearson@state.mn.us)
  • THREE NEW MEMBERS signed cards at today’s meeting!


Gift card winners

  • Paige Harker, Andrea Falk, Michelle Spitzmueller, Jane King


Upcoming meetings

  • Next Officer’s meeting: Thursday, December 20, 2018, 12-1 pm, ELA 5335
  • Next General Meeting: Tuesday, January 8, 2019, 12-1 pm, ELA 2370-80