Local 2101 minutes Nov 13, 2018

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Local 2101 Meeting
Meeting Minutes

November 13, 2018

Anderson Bldg. Rooms 2370 & 2380
Old World Pizza

Welcome – Liz Pearson, President


Announcements – Liz Pearson

  • Membership stats: 767 Members, 160 nonmembers, 83% membership rate
  • Listening sessions this month around negotiations for our 2019-2021 contract. Please RSVP at this link.
  • Wednesday November 14, 5222 9-11
  • Monday November 26, 6223 12-1
  • Wednesday November 28, 8130 9-11
  • Monday December 3, 2222 12-1
  • Friday December 7, 2222 12-1
  • We will recognize MAPE members who have gone above and beyond for MAPE at our December or January meeting. Submit your nominations to Liz Pearson.
  • Veterans Day was observed Monday November 12th. Thank you MAPE members who have served our Nation! The Employee Resource Group for Veterans at DHS meets November 13 from 1-2 in room 6223. More information is located at this link.
  • Vacation credit for previous employment REMINDER: When submitting a request to HR for a vacation accrual adjustment, you must provide an official communication from your former employer that contains the following:
  • The nature of the work you performed at your previous employer, such as your title or job description.
  • Your date of employment.
  • The date when you were eligible to accrue PTO. (DD214 for Veterans).
  • Submit your documentation to HR (Sean Tolefree (sean.tolefree@state.mn.us) or MNITHR.Services@state.mn.us for MN-IT employees) If you have questions please reach out to an officer or steward- they can help!
  • MAPE 101, November 27, ELA 2360. We will be talking about the contract negotiations process. Contact Amelia Fink for the meeting invite.
  • Class Consolidation Workgroup is no longer meeting regularly. However, if you have a related issue to discuss, contact Arlene Primus or Lorrie Herling and they will convene the group.



MAPE website – Marcia Bierschenk, Reginal Director

  • MAPE website has been updated to help with easier navigation


Election recap – Nicole Juan, Vice President

  • Turn-out: Provided an update on how elections turned-out
  • Statewide candidates are all labor friendly
  • Shout out to WI folks – they have a labor friendly Gov. now
  • MAPE 101, Jan 2019 – elections discussion


Budget presentation and voting – Sylvia Kidder, Treasurer

  • 4 main columns:
    • 2018 Budget, which the membership approved last year,
    • Actual 2018 expenses through the end of October
      • Does not include October membership income or reimbursable expenses through MAPE Central because we haven’t received that information yet,
    • Projected Actual Expenses for 2018
      • Mostly based on year-to-date expenses
      • Don’t include estimates for special end-of-year events, and
    • 2019 Proposed Budget.
  • Budget is organized into income at the top and expenses at the bottom.
    • Carryover (cumulative savings across many years)
      • Any funds remaining at end of the year are added to Carryover
    • Membership dues
      • Despite losing fee-payer income from Janus vs. AFSCME, MAPE as a whole and especially our local are doing well
        • Increase in members at the local level since the decision!
      • No current plans to raise membership dues.
  • We’re in very good shape this year.
    • Only over budget on Lost Time and Training for Special Events
    • On track to start 2019 with a healthy surplus
  • Conservative budget for 2019.
    • Most line-items are the same as for last year
    • Like last year, the largest area of spending is food at local meetings, with a budget of $13,000.
    • All local officers have decided not to accept stipends in 2018 or 2019, so we are not budgeting any money toward that item.
      • The savings from this decision will be applied to our reserve funds.
    • Membership Committee still has a budget of $3000.
      • While we are on track to be under budget in 2018, we expect that the Membership Committee might need extra funds next year both to keep up its good work increasing our membership as well as to respond to potential delayed effects of the Janus decision.
    • $1,000 for membership awards and prizes in 2018, which will include $960 for the monthly gift card drawings with a little extra padding in case we want to have prizes at a special event.
    • The budget for Good and Welfare and charitable donations is the same as last year at $2,750.
      • We still have room in this category for 2018, so we encourage members to propose donations for worthy charities, especially ones that serve Minnesota, to the membership.
      • We also want to remind people to submit Good & Welfare requests for qualifying life events.
        • In addition to the existing form on the X Drive, members also now have the option to submit requests through an online form.
        • The link to this form will be in the notes.
    • $1,000 for Lost Time for Training and Special Events.
      • Because next year is a contract year, we want to make sure there are enough funds in this category for members to participate in MAPE Day on the Hill and work toward getting our next contract passed.
    • The budget for Steward Meetings, Social Events, Training/Job Actions, Supplies, and Recognition are all the same as for 2018.
      • Some of these categories, namely Social Events and Training/Job Actions, are on track to be very under-budget for 2018.
      • Training and Job Actions expenses are anticipated to be higher in a contract year largely because of contract listening sessions.
      • Social events are largely member-driven, so being under-budget means that we have room to grow in this area.
        •  If you have an idea for a social event you’d like to organize, like a BBQ, group volunteer event, or hobby that you’re passionate about, please contact a local officer to discuss it!
    • At the bottom, you’ll see Miscellaneous and Reserve with almost $15,000.
      • This is the difference between the anticipated total income (which includes our carryover) and anticipated expenses.
      • Most of this will end up being surplus and get carried over into the next year as a reserve.
      • We generally keep any non-apportioned money in this category to allow for flexibility.
    • Questions about the local budget or to participate in the 2018 Annual Audit:
    • Questions about Central Budget:
      • MAPE.org
      • MAPE State Treasurer Todd Maki (tmaki@mape.org)

Member discussion regarding budget:

Q: Membership dues – how does that compare to other locals?

A: Dues are same for all MAPE members


Q: How many people in the room think that it is odd that we spend so much on food? Could we have a survey?

A: Member comments:

  • Gluten concerns.
  • Who is willing to join the food committee?
  • Members grab food and don’t stay for the meeting.
  • Food gets people to the meeting.
  • If you would like to see this money given a different way, come to the meeting regardless if we have food.
  • A budget does not mean we have to spend all the money and we can make the change as we feel needed.
  • Skype members are not getting the food.
  • Maybe instead of food we can do MAPE swag.
  • Food is a good way to bring community together.
  • Lunch today cost $4.40 per person.
  • Thank you to the members who put together the lunch!

Q: How many people would come to the meeting if we did not have food?

Note: Almost the entire room raised hands.

If members are interested in helping with budget ideas, please come forward and help us.

Q: What’s lost time?

A: If you are attending a MAPE function you can get reimbursed for your time by MAPE instead of using your vacation. Using lost time requires pre-approval.

Q: What is good and welfare?

A: Members can submit requests for themselves or a co-worker who is experiencing good or bad events in their life. Please use the new form to submit your request. Good and Welfare requests form. The Good and Welfare policy is available in the MAPE folder in the X drive and is posted in each kitchen area in Andersen.

  • M to Approve 2019 proposed budget
  • MP to Approve 2019 budget


Donation Request: The Sheridan Story – Liz Pearson

  • Presented The Sheridan Story – to help kids in Minnesota who are suffering with food insecurities. Liz is asking our membership to approve $250 donation. Members are going to go to their packing plant in December and present the check.
  • M to Approve $250 donation to the Sheridan Story
  • MP to Donate $250 to The Sheridan Story.


Negotiations update – Debbie Prokopf, Business Agent & Shawnet Healy, Negotiations Rep

  • Provided an update on negotiations.
  • Negotiation listening sessions are listed/posted on every floor at ELA.
  • Contract action team – if you are interested contact Debbie or a local officer.


Member Concerns and Other Announcements

  • Veteran’s ERG update: Michelle Wilson – starting today the Veteran’s ERG launched their community caring event during lunch on the 1st floor, and on the central kitchens on each floor.
  • The Veteran’s group is also collecting toys for ages 3-16 in the bins on every floor. The ERG will provide the toys to Dec 8th is when the gifts are going to be given


Gift card winners:

  • Kim Johnson, Jennifer Willette, Janeen Balsimo, and Emily Swann


Upcoming meetings

  • Next Officer’s meeting: Thursday, November 29, 2018, 12-1 pm, ELA 5335
  • Next General Meeting: Tuesday, December 11, 2018, 12-1 pm, ELA 2370-80