Local 1901 minutes Aug 9, 2019

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AMAPE Region 19, Local 1901

Meeting Minutes for Friday August 9, 2019


  1. Call to Order - Bob Tarrant


  1. President’s Report - Bob Tarrant
  • Whistle Blower: It is with the Republican Party. Be very careful about doing things like that. They are allowing you to come and talk about your job. It is not safe. Be aware of policy and procedures of your organization. If you want to see the letter from Chet, ask Bob. MAPE central also would like to know if you get contacted.
  • Elections: Voting contract you need to be a member by today. Pretty good contract. The first year you will not see a difference in cost of living in the first year.
  • Membership Drive: Talk to Dave about drive.
  •  Membership Outreach: Several officers went to Glencoe, Nicollet, LeCenter, & MNSOC home locally to go to other members in outside communities that cannot attend meetings. Some members having struggles with supervisors. As a local reaching out quarterly, buy them lunch. Dave attended one of the session. If you are interested in helping out with that.


  1. Vice President’s Report - Currently in Special Elections


  1. Treasurer’s Report - Amanda Hoerst
    • No report given.


  1. Secretary’s Report - Jessica Waldron
  • Special Elections: Voting is from 8/13-8/27/19. Since there is no candidate running against me in this race, I will most likely assume this role on 8/30/19. Which means that we are in need of a 1901 Secretary. Nominations will be taken. If accepted and no one else is interested, then the membership will move to vote on this in the next meeting. If there are two or more candidates, then we will have a special election for the position with candidate statements, etc. My duties are: organizing the agenda for the meetings (making sure officers tell you what they are going to talk about), taking notes at the meeting or typing meeting notes, sending notes to membership and MAPE central (usually together), posting new minutes (paper copy in MSH), sending reminders out of meetings, and then sharing any MAPE central information at meetings. On a plus, the secretary is often the first to eat as they have to take notes. Overall, it is a pretty easy job and there is a template for meetings.
  • Basic Steward Training. MAPE is offering another training on Friday August 23, 2019 at MAPE Headquarters in Shoreview. If you are interested, sign up on MAPE’s website. Mileage and wages can be reimbursed for that day. If you take a vacation day, you can get paid double. There is no pressure to sign up to be a steward, and they feed you.
  • MAPE Central is hiring a Director of Public Affairs and Communications position. This position is responsible for implementing and sustaining an effective strategic lobbying and communications program that includes member engagement and member-capacity building at the heart of the program. The person would be looking to reshape the political impact of the labor movement in the post-Janus world.  If interested, submit your resume and cover letter no later than 8/19/19 to jobs@mape.org
  • Forensic School Supply Fundraiser. It was a success! Team 1: Lower campus (Pederson, Bartlett, Old Center, Kitchen/Warehouse), North Campus, & the Forensic Nursing Home raised $933.85 (the winners). Team 2: Former MSH, Forest View & Summit collected $636.12. The Winners (Team 1) are able to wear jeans or appropriate shorts for the entire week of August 11-18, 2019 (next week). No worries Team 2: you can purchase a day of jeans for $1 or a week of jeans for $5. MSH, Summit, & Forest view staff should contact Stacy Rutt (Elm) or Kris Schneider (dental) if you would like to wear jeans to make your donation.
  • Celebrate Us (Forensic): Carol indicated that she will put in her communication that Forensics can wear appropriate shorts or jeans for the event on September 11, 2019.


  1. Membership Secretary - Matt Melvin
  • Current Membership: Matt was unable to attend.


  1. Communication Secretary - Tyler Lyons
  • Steward Coordinator—if you need a steward at any time contact him.


  1. MAPE Central - Dave Kamper
  • Outreach: a lot of small groups of people. A member in Glencoe reads the minutes to his peer
  • Election: Tuesday Ballot for Vice President, Wednesday for Contract. You need to vote in both. If you don’t get either, please let MAPE Central know
  • Director of Public Affairs and Communication. If you know someone that is a communication or political person. They will do a pre-interview for that.
  • There will be another posting.
  • Offered up for questions in contract.


  1. MAPE Regional Director - Jerry Jeffries
  • Statewide Special Elections. Valerie LaPorte (1903) and Thu Phan (401).
  • Delegate Assembly: bylaws, budget, strategic planning, breakout sessions geared towards meet and confer, steward training.


  1. Committee Meetings

Forensics Meet and Confer - Jessica Waldron/Bob Tarrant

      • Requests for Leave: Management is looking to streamline a process for members to request and take leave without having to contact multiple avenues. They are currently working on a process and will give us more information as it evolves.
      • Advocacy for MHp’s in the CPT series. There was a lot of discussion on how these positions were determined, the wording, and impact of the appeal process with our members, and the amount of trust MAPE has with leadership due issues surrounding the CPT series.
      • Parking Lot Construction: We learned that they finally got approval for funding, and that they are currently looking for bids for the project. They anticipate completion at the end of September/early October and indicated that they continue to appreciate MAPE’s continuous willingness to use the shuttle services
        • Staff concerns about it not impacting commute times. Every 15 minutes is not sufficient.
      • CPT Series. They came to us for help for selling to membership, and that we were concerned.
      • Next meet and confer is September 26, 2019


  1. MSOP Clinician Meeting - MAPE MSOP Steward
  • No input was provided.


  1. Membership Members Concerns/Questions - Derrick Jones

-Clothing change in secure perimeter to activity. No longer able to wear clothes appropriate for weather or activity.

-Bob stated that DCT upon approval


12.  Next Meeting: Friday September 13, 2019, 12-1pm, Daisy Room


13.  Attendance Drawings:

  • $10 to: 1) Katie Forst 2.) Brian Rudd


14. Adjournment. 


Local 1901 MAPE Officers/Stewards and Contact Information

Bob Tarrant, President & Steward - 985-2748

VACANT, Vice President - 985-XXXX

Amanda Hoerst, Treasurer - 985-2210

Jessica Waldron, Secretary & Steward - 985-2899

Matt Melvin, Membership Secretary - 985-2858

Tylor Lyons, Communication Secretary, Steward, Steward Coordinator - 985-2747

Christina Berry, Steward - 985-2595

Lynn Butcher, Steward & Regional Negotiations Rep - 985-2835

Lance Dlouhy, Steward - 985-2224

Laura Grabow, Steward - 985-2796

Erin Hageman, Steward - 985-2789

Corey Hoffman, Steward - 985-2349

Jennifer Jenniges, Steward - 985-2214

Margaret Ko, Steward - 985-2449

Haleigh Korn, Steward - 985-2585

Erin O’Connell, Steward - 985-2755

Stacy Rutt, Steward - 985-2902

Wanda Viento, Steward - 985-2763

Melanie Wurtzberger, Steward - 985-2904


Dave Kamper, MAPE Membership Engagement/Development/Organizing Business Agent - 651-287-8754; dkamper@mape.org

Kathy Fodness, MAPE Contract Administration, Advocacy/Representation Business Agent - 651-287-8755; kfodness@mape.org


Forensic Meet and Confer Committee: Lynn Butcher, Beth Zabel, Jessica Waldron, Suzannie James-Sveback; Lance Dlouhy; Corey Hoffman


MSOP Meet and Confer Committee: This committee is nonexistent at this time. We eventually would like to get this group going again.


Labor Management Committee: Amanda Hoerst, Lynn Butcher; Bob Tarrant, Tyler Lyons