Local 1901 minutes Jul 12, 2019

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MAPE Region 19, Local 1901

Meeting Minutes for Friday July 12, 2019


  1. Call to Order - Bob Tarrant


  1. President’s Report - Bob Tarrant
  • Voting on Contracts:  You need to be a full member to vote on our contracts by August 9th.  
  • Needing a Steward? Please contact Tyler Lyons, and he will assign you with a steward.
  • Special Elections:   We need a group to head up the special elections this summer. One position is the Vice President position, whom Jessica Waldron was already nominated but if anyone else is interested you will need to let this special elections committee know and provide a candidate statement. If Jessica is elected into this position, then her position of secretary would be open if anyone is interested.
    • Volunteer Committee: Needs a few people. Collecting the names of the nominees, Beth Zabel and Annie Schatz volunteered.
    • Voting. In order to vote in special elections, you need to be a full member by July 30, 2019.
  • Delegate Assembly: Bob and Corey Hansen stated that he would attend. We need an alternate.  Send Bob an email and let him know.   
  • Personal Responsibility: DCT wide part of your position description.


  1. Vice President’s Report - Vacant


  1. Treasurer’s Report - Amanda Hoerst
    • No report given.


  1. Secretary’s Report -Jessica Waldron
  • Retired Member Thank You: Moir Quinn sent the membership a thank you card for the plant sent to her for her retirement. She stated, “MAPE Members. Thank you so very much for the beautiful plant. Retirement is wonderful! Keep fighting the good fight.”
  • New Language in Representation of Stewards. This will change once the new contract is approved and signed off by the legislators.
    • Oral Reprimands: When new contract is filed, we will no longer be able to grieve these.
    • Written Reprimands: Will remain in your file for 18 months. The current time frame is 12 months.
    • Letters of Expectations will stay in an employee’s file for up to 6 months of showing satisfactory performance.
      • If you get one, you will want to know what you were doing wrong, what you need to do to satisfy the letter of expectation, and how long you are expected to show the needed changes for the letter to be considered satisfactory.
      • Currently Letter of Expectations can be in your file for at least a year or longer, so this was a win for us.
  • Forensic School Supply Challenge: Runs from July 8th-August 2nd to help benefit the Back to School Backpack Project serving St. Peter and rural Nicollet County Children whose families have limited financial resources to purchase school supplies.
    • Financial donations are also welcomed. Money boxes are located at the Corner Store, Forensic Nursing Home, Pederson Building (old admin), Bartlett Reception, Master Control and North Campus
    • Two teams.
      • Team #1: Pederson Building ( Old Admin), Old Center, Vocational, Warehouse, Kitchen Bartlett, North Campus, and the Forensic Nursing home;
      • Team #2: Summit, Main building, Forest View, Prairie View
      • A prize will be awarded to the winning group


  1. Membership Secretary - Matt Melvin
  • Welcome new member in meeting.


  1. Communication Secretary - Tyler Lyons
  • Nothing to report


  1. MAPE Central - Dave Kamper
  • Jerry Jeffries. Not here today due to death in his family.
  • Negotiations Update: Contract PowerPoint was provided in this meeting.
    • Increases in salary. 2 ¼ and 2 ½ % increase. Wage calculator on MAPE Central.
    • Healthcare. Increases in co-pays and deductibles. 8% increases in 2020-2021
    • Vision Plan: Will not get until January 1, 2021. We sign off on what it will be.
    • Dental: increase in minimal dental premiums.
    • Student loan reimbursement: Expanded to everyone. Eliminated the specific classes and anyone can apply for it. Applies towards loans you are currently making payments towards. Work with meet and confer to push standards for this. Not to exceeding $5,000 per calendar year. Have to be employed for 18 months.
    • Sick Leave. Added different family members added. Adult children, grandparents, mother & father in law, brother or sister, & grandkids.
    • Bereavement Leave: Advance people sick leave.
    • Phased Retirement Expanded. Not just for certain agencies.
    • Letters of Expectation/Guaranteed Loudermill
    • IT Pay Ranges.
    • Career Mapping.
    •  Other notable changes. Broadening immunization rights, new language for equity, language around clarifying employee must meet minimum requirements, etc.


  1. Committee Meetings

Forensics Meet and Confer - Jessica Waldron

      • Members: We are still looking for a couple of more people interested in being part of Meet and Confer. The meetings are held every couple of months (2months) from 11:30-12:30pm on a Thursday in Summit 362. Members meet with leadership at this time and address issues.
      • The next Meet and Confer meeting is July 25, 2019. Please let a meet and confer member know about any topics to bring up.


  1. MSOP Clinician Meeting - MAPE MSOP Steward
  • Clinician group met with management concerning three main issues of: Single facilitation, putting breaks together, and a program wide fear mentality. They are hoping for answers to their questions and concerns on or before July 19, 2019.


  1. Membership Members Concerns/Questions……………………………………………………………………….

-None identified.  


12.  Next Meeting: Friday August 9, 2019, 12-1pm, Daisy Room


13.  Attendance Drawings:

  • $10 to: 1) Tyler Lyons 2.) Ann Starett


14. Adjournment. 


Local 1901 MAPE Officers/Stewards and Contact Information

Bob Tarrant, President & Steward - 985-2748

VACANT, Vice President - 985-XXXX

Amanda Hoerst, Treasurer - 985-2210

Jessica Waldron, Secretary & Steward - 985-2899

Matt Melvin, Membership Secretary - 985-2858

Tylor Lyons, Communication Secretary, Steward, Steward Coordinator - 985-2747

Christina Berry, Steward - 985-2595

Lynn Butcher, Steward & Regional Negotiations Rep - 985-2835

Lance Dlouhy, Steward - 985-2224

Laura Grabow, Steward - 985-2796

Erin Hageman, Steward - 985-2789

Corey Hoffman, Steward - 985-2349

Jennifer Jenniges, Steward - 985-2214

Margaret Ko, Steward - 985-2449

Haliegh Korn, Steward - 985-2585

Stacy Rutt, Steward - 985-2902

Wanda Viento, Steward - 985-2763

Melanie Wurtzberger, Steward - 985-2904


Dave Kamper, MAPE Membership Engagement/Development/Organizing Business Agent - 651-287-8754; dkamper@mape.org

Kathy Fodness, MAPE Contract Administration, Advocacy/Representation Business Agent - 651-287-8755; kfodness@mape.org


Forensic Meet and Confer Committee: Lynn Butcher, Beth Zabel, Jessica Waldron, Suzannie James-Sveback; Lance Dlouhy; Corey Hoffman


MSOP Meet and Confer Committee: This committee is nonexistent at this time. We eventually would like to get this group going again.


Labor Management Committee: Amanda Hoerst, Lynn Butcher; Bob Tarrant, Tyler Lyons