Local 1703 minutes Dec 2019

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MAPE LOCAL 1703 Minutes –December 2019


Cambridge meeting: 12-04-19:


  1. Approved four locations including Cambridge Community Resources (CCR), Career Force, and Pine County DOC to each have $50 for a holiday party.  The fourth location did not get recorded.


  1. Previous minutes approved


  1. 1703 Membership Report: Doreen Polzin.  Local is currently at about 84% members.  Local 1703 is second in the state for the highest percentage of members.  Local 1703 has 104 members.  Doreen’s employment will be ending on December 31, 2019 so she will no longer be a MAPE employee.  Annette Sobek was appointed as the new membership chairperson.


  1. Business Agent Nic Frey presented Doreen Polzin with a plaque and recognized her contributions to MAPE.  MAPE President Chet Jorgenson was originally going to be there to recognize Doreen but he was called into a meeting at the last minute.


  1. Treasurer’s report:  Rosee Holte: absent.  The budget will be the same as last year.  MAPE Central continues to supplement money to Local 1703.  There was a unanimous motion to approve the budget.


  1. Regional 17 Director’s Report:  Mike Terhune:  absent –no report


  1. Business Agent Nic Frey:  He presented MAPE’s 3 year Strategic Plan on behalf of Director Mike Terhune who was absent.  There will be continued discussion about the plan and also surveys will be sent out.  A draft plan will be developed and then approved by the MAPE Board of Directors.


There was a question about the upcoming presidential election and if MAPE would endorse a candidate.  Nic Frey reported that the MAPE Political Action Committee does not endorse any national political candidates.  MAPE only endorses candidates who directly impact our employment. 


Nic reported the Legislative Subcommittee on Employee Relations did not meet about the contract and therefore it goes into effect. The full legislature does has to approve the contract when it reconvenes. 


Nic asked how many paper copies our contract people would request.


  1. Chief Steward Report:  Rosee Holte: absent- No report


  1. $10 drawing won by Tim Wolter.


Submitted by 1703 Local Secretary Shannon Marks


Rush City Meeting:

The Rush City meeting had a discussion of the approved correctional officer step increases which was addressed by MAPE Business Agent Debbie Prokopf.  MAPE will continue to try to negotiate better terms and conditions of our contract and understands the concerns of members who have been at the top step in the contract for many years. We need to maintain strong membership and leadership throughout the locals to assist in this endeavor as we seek to build power within the union. The budget was approved and Treasurer Rosee Holte will send it in to MAPE.  $60 was given to the Employee Fund at the Rush City Correctional Facility for their holiday party.  Membership is at 85.83%.


The $10 winner was Brian Moreau.


Pine City Meeting:   Cancelled