Local 1703 Meeting minutes Oct 9, 2019

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Meeting was held Wednesday, October 9 in Rush City, MN. The main concern of this meeting was the fact that correctional officers are looking at the ability to have additional steps at the top and members would like MAPE to consider renegotiating or addressing this issue with a supplemental agreement as it is very unfair for our MAPE members. The Regional Director, Mike will be getting specific information from the members about their concerns and presenting that to the appropriate representatives at MAPE for consideration. As he was not at the last board meeting, he had no report. The Business Agent, Nic, covered the Delegate Assembly, which went well. It was a very positive experience and  Governor Walz was very supportive in his address to the delegates. $50,000 was given to the UAW local in Hudson, WI to assist in their strike efforts as this is seen as a very important strike action for all union members. It is especially noteworthy that our membership is continuing to do well and we are financially stable. There were 2 boxes of meat and cheese provided to our local as result of achieving over 80% membership and the members voted to give one box to our membership secretary, Doreen, and one box to the local president, Brian. The $10 winner was Nina Wickeham.