Local 1703 Meeting minutes Oct 2, 2019

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Meeting was held Wednesday, October 2 in Cambridge, MN. Members were welcomed and there was no member in need of good and welfare. Sec.'s report was accepted, as was the membership(83.33%) and Treas.'s report($736.40). Members are considering changes to the budget which will be considered for approval at our meeting in December. It was decided that we would again offer $50 per group for a Christmas party, with the exception of our members at the Rush City prison facility which would get $60. The groups include the Department of Corrections in Pine City, MN, Minnesota Life Bridge and Community Support Services Region 7 E in Cambridge and Pine Technical College in Pine City, MN. There were 2 boxes of meat and cheese provided to our local at the Delegate Assembly as result of achieving over 80% membership and the members voted to give one box to our membership secretary, Doreen, and one box to the local president, Brian. It was requested that members consider becoming the membership secretary as it is expected that our membership secretary will be laid off December 31, 2019. It was also requested that a member consider accepting the position of vice president. The Chief Steward report indicates that they are looking for new stewards and are having a statewide Stewardship Summit on October 25, 2019. They plan to have meetings every other month to support our stewards and better equip them to handle issues for our members. There was not a Regional Director report as Mike was in Hawaii. The Business Agent, Nic, was also unable to attend. The $10 winner was Beth Klute.