Local 1701 June 27, 2018

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MAPE Local 1701 Meeting Minutes
June 27, 2018

Meeting was called to order by Local 1701 President Stephanie Saxe followed by welcome and introduction of Mike Terhune, MAPE Regional Director.

Previous Meeting Minutes Approved – For 3/16/18 Meeting

Treasurer Report
Primary expense = lunch. Statewide, MAPE is in a solid financial position at this time.

Steward Report
Connie Proctor is moving on to be a liaison between MSOP and the Negotiating Unit for the next contract. Jen Johnson is now the designated Alternate. New addition of Rosee Holan ( St. Cloud District 17 ) as Chief Steward. Mike Terhune noted that 1 grievance is currently in process at DOC and that conversations are ongoing on the topic of caseload/workload/time management concerns. Monthly meetings are scheduled with Peter Puffer. Noted that DOC employees can no longer combine breaks, which impacts their ability to attend MAPE meetings. There is a plan to bring up the need to expand the definition of family as it applies to bereavement leave to the next negotiating committee.

Old Business
Rich Ransom was unable to attend on this date. No updates noted at this time.

New Business
Mike Terhune provided the following updates:

  • Local MAPE Members confirm that the process for private sector credit for vacation accrual is working.
  • Nicholas Sarrely will be the negotiating rep. (current president of Local 1702)
  • Political action – need doorknocks for endorsed candidates especially in closely contested districts
  • Legislative update – contracts have passes. The pension reform bill passed.
  • At approx.. 70% membership status across MAPE. 1701 is nearly 80%. The goal is 75% across the board. Currently, we have > 10,000 full members
  • JANUS update – today, the vote was in favor of fee-payers becoming non-members. We should continue the positive messaging and invite non-members to meetings.
  • JANUS-related discussion included:
    Positive = if membership remains stable or increases despite the JANUS decision, this may even improve negotiating power as we will represent an increasingly voluntary membership

Noted – PELRA (Public Employment Labor Relations Act) =the decision that requires non-embers to get benefits that result from collective bargaining.

Election Nominations are requested for Local Officers: V.P., Secretary, & Membership Secretary

Meeting adjourned at 1:00
Respectfully Submitted:
Lisa Kuklis, MAPE Local 1701 Secretary
February 10, 2016