Local 1602 minutes Oct. 3, 2018

Publish Date

Date/Time: 10/03/2018
Locations: Alexandria Technical Community College – Alexandria; M-State – Fergus Falls Campus; Hunan Restaurant – Fergus Falls
Attendance: See attached rosters

Local 1602 minutes from previous meetings accepted with no change.

Old Business:

  • Vacation Accrual Request for prior state service.
  • Janus Related Updates (by D. Engelhart, MAPE BA)
    • Series of memberships drives: highly successful.
    • History of pre-Janus Labor Rulings.
    • With 75% state wide full members, makes MAPE financially solvent.
    • State-wide full member numbers: 11,000.
    • MAPE saw increase of members, despite Janus ruling.
    • Local 1602 has 50 members that have not become full; encourage to sign card.
    • Explanation of the MAPE member card.

New Business:

  • How is the tuition waiver system going for MAPE members using the four year college waiver?
    • Is it getting approved by our campus Administration?
    • Are their problems coordinating with other four year colleges to complete course registration and tuition payment?
  • Introduction of Change of Invite for Local Meetings
    • Possibility of Future Webinar.
    • Email in week to recap meetings.
    • Nominations for Local Vice President and Treasure. Contact Samuel Kuehl or Darren Hage, if interested.
    • Local 1602’s membership status: 69% membership, with 114 full members.
  • Delegate Assembly
    • September 15th, 2018: significant as it was a single day assembly.
    • Massive agenda was discussed and voted on by delegates.
    • Short personal description of event by L.L. Hauge, Delegate from 1602, Local Secretary.
    • Negotiation meeting will be every two years. Delegate Assembly was voted on by delegates to be annually, instead of every two years.
  • Election Update
    • MAPE has endorsed Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan as Governor/Lt. Governor in the upcoming election on November 6th. Unable to Vote on November 6th, Early voting is underway!
    • Short recap of his MAPE speech given by L.L. Hauge, Delegate from 1602, Local Secretary.
    • Possible phone bank and door knocking in Moorhead in up-coming future; contact Dan Engelhart for further information to assist in Union push for election.
  • Negotiations
    • What would we like to see in our contract? MAPE Survey and Local Survey
    • MAPE would like to hold a brown bag lunch on campus to hear input.
    • Each department to work on Negotiation talk points, based on needs of the department/ agency in a series of Brown Bag Sessions.
    • Contact Donald Lucksinger, Region 16 Negotiations Officer for facilitators, if interested.
    • Explanation of the Negotiation Flow Chart by Dan Engelhart, MAPE BA. Agency / Local
    • Sam attended the President’s Committee Meeting on Friday, September 14th and was elected to the position of Assistant Chair on the President’s Committee which is a real asset to our Local 1602 to have a presence on this committee.
    • Supplemental in the back of the contract holds contracts based from agency to agency depending on specific needs of the agency.
    • Agencies should be thinking of specific compensations that could be added to the supplemental. Refer to negotiations team.
  • Meet and Confer
    • MAPE would like to schedule a “Meet and Confer” at ATCC shortly after the November 6th election
    • Email will be sent out regarding meet and confer nominations, such as DNR and DHS.
    • Looking for new people and agencies.
    • Lost time and mileage will be honored.
  • $10 Gas Card Giveaway as a meeting attendance incentive
    • Tam Bukowski (ATCC)
    • Melissa Jaskowski (M-State)
    • Larissa Ness (M-State)
    • Sam Martin (Hunan - DNR)
    • Laurinda Brown (Hunan - DNR)
  • Reminder of Union Steward Training in November to all full members interested.
  • The new MAPE contract was distributed to the members present at the meeting. The contact can be viewed online at mape.org or by clicking on www.mape.org/contract Next Local 1602 Union Meeting will be on December 5th, 2018.

Written by: LeiLani Hauge, Secretary + Tam Bukowski, Member Date: October 4th, 2018
Approved by: Samuel Kuehl, 1602 President Date: October 9th, 2018