Local 1601 minutes Jan 28, 2020

Publish Date

MAPE Local 1601 Meeting Minutes 01/28/2020

Place: Central Lakes College Room C224

Time: 12pm-1pm


  1. President, Laura Czech, called the meeting to order.   
  2. Motion to approve November’s minutes was seconded and passed.
  3. Introductions
  4. Treasurer, Kevin Martini, provided information on local budget, in good standing.  
  5. Chief Steward, Leonard Skillings, provided an update on recent Steward meeting. Business Agent, Rich Ransom attended the meeting as well as several stewards.  Reported he felt meeting went well. Will be working on getting a time limit for mediation/arbitration.
  6. Current membership is 76% and non-membership is 24%. 4 New members from recent Camp Ripley meeting.
  7. Donald Lucksinger, Regional Negotiations Rep, reported that the new contract books will be printed in limited numbers due the contract having to pass legislation during current session in February.  Contract is available online. Working on loan reimbursement at next negotiation push. 
  8. Darren Hage, Regional Director, provided information on upcoming elections and working on strategic plan for 2020-2023.
  9. Dan Engelhart, Organizing Business Agent, provided information on recent member drive, contract status, and importance of supporting Labor friendly candidates.


New Business:

Military Affairs Department (Camp Ripley) went really well, 21 attendees including some non-members.


$20 Gift Card drawing awarded to Mike Anderson.


Old Business:

MAPE’s strategic plan language was used at Camp Ripley meeting


Good and Welfare:

Motion for $75 gift card and seconded and passed for Tiffany Carlson (DHS)


Next meeting: Central Lakes College

Room C237

Feb 25th, 2020

12 noon