Local 1601 minutes Aug 27, 2019

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MAPE Local 1601 Meeting Minutes August 27th, 2019

Place: Central Lakes College Room C237

Time: 12pm


  1. President Laura Czech called the meeting to order.
  1. The minutes were approved with a correction of the gift card being $20 not $25. Also, the MSP for a monetary gift for Don Lucksinger changed to a gift card.
  2. Time was taken for introductions of attendees and the departments they work for.
  3. Laura attended the Board of Directors meeting and shared some information.
  4. There is a labor history course being offered by New Brookwood College, which will feature  some classes on labor history; tuition is $400.  President Jorgenson suggested MAPE could cover members’ tuition for these classes if they would commit to traveling to locals and presenting; MAPE would also pay members’ time and mileage for local visits.
  5. The group also discussed different meeting places.  We will stay at the College through this year and then look at options of having our meeting at different work departments. This will be researched and will be discussed at the next meeting.
  6. It would be nice if a better system to hear the people over the phone. There were some reports that were given and were hard to hear.
  7. Starting time of the meeting was also discussed with different ideas.




  1. Treasurer Kevin Martini: Unable to attend Christina Sundgaard Vice President reported we are financially stable.



  1. Leonard Skillings Chief Association Representative: Leonard was unable to attend Laura reported on the Steward Training and we have 5 new Stewards.



  1. Don Lucksinger Negotiations: Don reported on Negotiations and the contract passing MMB.  Now on to the Legislative vote. If you have comments or concerns let your Delegate Assembly representative know. The Delegate Assembly will be September 21st.



  1. MAPE Association Representative Dan Englehart addressed the group by phone he explained what the Delegate Assembly is and how it deals with MAPE issues. This is the highest governing body of MAPE and meet once a year.




  1. New Business:
  1. Winner of the Gift Card was Monica Nieman, DHS
  1. Reminder of the All Union Labor Day Picnic on Labor Day in Baxter Park.  Starts at noon and goes until 4. Games, prizes and free food.  Family fun for everyone.  We have put money into this picnic so you are a contributor and hope you go and have a good time.




6- Good and Welfare: MAPE Employee from DHS was injured in a car accident plus is dealing with family issues.  Group decided to send a gift card or check.



7- Old Business:




Next meeting: Central Lakes College

Room C237

September 24, 2019

12 noon