Local 1601 Meeting Minutes Oct 22, 2019

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MAPE Local 1601 Meeting Minutes October 22, 2019

Place: Central Lakes College Room C224

Time: 12pm


  1. Vice President, Christina Sundgaard called the meeting to order. 
  2. Announcement that Mary Welliver, retired as secretary and that a member has accepted the nomination for secretary for 1601. Members have until 10/31/19 to submit additional nominations for the position. The minutes from September have not been submitted at this time but will be available prior to the November meeting along with October’s minutes.
  3. Introductions of attendees and the departments they work for.
  4. Treasurer Kevin Martini provided information on Membership Drive which typically costs approximately $5,000. Current and new members receive a $20 gift card to Holiday.  A Motion was made to approve the Membership Drive expenses, and was approved unanimously. Discussion to change gift card to other businesses was brought forward but determined to be the only option for members in all geographical areas of the local.
  5. Leonard Skillings Chief Association Representative provided an update on Steward Meeting which was held in Wadena at Pizza Ranch.  This location is centrally located for Stewards. The next meeting will be on 1/14/20 and held every other month thereafter. 
  6. Susan Sunde, Membership Secretary provided an update with 1601 membership at our local is now at 75.35%. An additional meeting was held immediately following for interested members to discuss strategies on membership drive.
  7. Darren Hage, attended the Board of Directors meeting and shared information regarding MAPE dues window. More dues information will be added to the MAPE website.
  8. MAPE Association Representative Dan Engelhart reported that our Contract would likely go into “Interim Effect” as of 10/24/19 as SER meeting was cancelled today. Once MMB delivers the contract to the Subcommittee of Employee Relations it has thirty days to act on the contract. When recruiting new members, talk about the need for a commitment of at least one year for budgeting purposes and the language on the card that states this. The membership drive will be happening and we will need volunteers and site liaisons to work on this. The in-district meeting with Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka is on hold as the Majority leader is spending most of his time in St Paul. Meet and Confer is a vehicle to work on agency specific issues and some of the newer language in this contract such as student loans was originated from them. Expect back pay retro to July 1, 2019 by the end of the year.

New Business:     


1. Motion for 1601 to reimburse for mileage to Steward’s Meeting in Wadena.  Unanimously approved. It was noted, when possible for stewards to rideshare when possible to save costs.

2. $20 Gift Card awarded to Heidi Hauge, DHS


Old Business:

1. Rotating Meeting locations were previously brought forward for 1601. Meetings will continue to be held in Brainerd at CLC when available and will plan to have at least one membership meeting and one worksite meeting at Camp Ripley each year.  Worksite Meetings may be forthcoming.  Still ironing out details. 



  1. No new business


Next meeting: Central Lakes College

Room C224

November 26th, 2019

12 noon