Local 1601 Meeting Minutes Sept 24, 2019

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September 24, 2019 Meeting


MAPE local 1601 meeting 9/24/19, 12:00, Central Lakes College


President Laura Czech called the meeting to order. Asked if everyone reviewed last month’s minutes and had one addition which was the membership percentage of 74.93%.

Motion was made by Susan Sunde and seconded by Kimberly Pilgrim to approve minutes.

We went around and did introductions. Great to see a big group present for the meeting.

Treasurers report, Kevin Martini. We are financially stable and will have the money to do our December membership drive again. We generally get new members from it so it is good to continue when we can afford to.

Chief Steward, Leonard Skillings. Not real busy lately which is a good thing. There was one investigation at DNR. First steward meeting went well, had about 5 there plus Rich Ransom. Next meeting is October 15th in Wadena. Great place to network with other stewards, great opportunity for education, and support. Also steward summit is coming up October 25th. Lost time, mileage, and hotel is covered for greater MN.

Membership secretary, Susan Sunde. We are looking good membership wise but would really like to see an increase yet. We are not where our goal is set for us yet. Susie is looking at creating a membership connection team to reach new employees within their first 30 days. An email will be coming out soon looking for volunteers to help establish the network. Also, MAPE still has swag available to help with new member recruitment. Current percentage is now 75.42% for 1601. Susie will also take over the December membership drive, Kevin will show her the ropes.

Negotiations update, Don Lucksinger. Currently our contract is waiting on MMB. From there it heads to SER. We are hopeful there won’t be any major delays. The earliest we anticipate seeing back pay from the 2.25% increase effective July 1 is mid-November. The contract has to make it through MMB and SER before it would go into effect and back pay calculated.

Director’s report; Darren Hage. There is an upcoming labor history course and tuition is $400. MAPE could cover member tuition if members would be willing to travel and present at other locals with what they learned. Lost time and mileage would be covered for travel. If interested talk to Chet for more information.

Business Agent, Dan Engelhart. Strength in numbers and support/involvement is how we have a strong union. It is important that we keep reminding ourselves of this and do all we can to support. Delegate Assembly, the resolutions can be found on MAPE’s website and the recap here. There were great speakers and breakout sessions.

Any day we anticipate hearing from MMB on our contract and have it move to SER. Discussed the importance of staying connected and local Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka’s assistance last time. The hope is to have the contract ratified before open enrollment.

Reminded of the upcoming steward summit and lost time, meals, mileage, hotel are covered. Sign up soon the deadline is coming.


New business. Susie and Laura attended the presidents committee meeting in St. Paul. They learned some new ideas on reaching out and building a stronger union. It was a great meeting and glad they attended.

Delegate assembly. Susan Sunde, Christine Pierce, and Laura Czech attended. Not a lot of bylaw changes. They felt breakout sessions were helpful especially the meet and confer information. A lot more can be done with meet and confer that we are not leveraging.

Old business. Discussed meeting rotation again. Nothing officially decided but we need to get a list together of all possible meeting locations and also discussed locations off of the work site as possibilities. More discussion to come.

Good and Welfare. Nicole Aamodt with MSHS. Motion was made by Don Lucksinger to contribute $75 (maximum allowed by good and welfare) to Nicole for recent personal events to help and was seconded by Kimberly Pilgrim. Vote, motion passed.

It was mentioned as well for a reminder or new information for anyone that does not know that if you are a veteran there could be the chance of requesting additional sick time but it must be related to a service-related disability and follow the parameters below:

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 43A.184, a state employee who is a veteran with a service related disability may apply to the employee’s appointing authority for additional sick leave to receive treatment for the disability. The employee must qualify as a veteran under Minnesota Statute 197.447 and have a sick leave balance that is insufficient to receive treatment for the disability.

The appointing authority may authorize up to an additional 40 hours of sick leave for the employee in the current fiscal year. The appointing authority may approve sick leave for an employee under these provisions one time in each fiscal year. Should the absence be Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) qualifying, the 40 additional hours will be applied to the FMLA time limits.

A Request for Sick Leave for Veterans with a Service Related Disability Form must be submitted to the agency Human Resource Office.


Leonard announced that Jane Brink expressed her thank you for the gift card while she was out on medical leave.

Meeting adjourned.



Laura Czech

Human Services Program Specialist II | HCEO

Minnesota Department of Human Services


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