Local 1501 minutes March 27, 2018

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Local 1501 Meeting Minutes
March 27, 2018 - Lueken’s Village Foods South- Conference Room
Call to order- 12:05 pm

President Report- TJ Melcher
Membership recruitment- At the Local level we are seeking a Membership Chair to assist with recruitment. At the state level, they are helping to coordinate and conduct recruitment drives at locations across the district. Our Local Stewards are also in the process of a recruitment effort as well. Through this collaborative effort we have a goal of 80 percent membership for our Local, which would mark an increase of nearly 20 percent. Once we hit that, we’ll focus on 90.

Steward utilization- Here is a list of our Local Board members and Stewards. Our Local has been historically inactive, and I’d like to open more dialogue to see gaps that we are missing and what other support we can offer. As an example, one of the benefits in the new contract is the opportunity for vacation accrual status to account for previous private sector work (that aligns with their position and within 4 years of hire date with the state). This benefit is granted at the discretion of the appointing authority (agency), so we would like to keep track of any issues with employees trying to obtain this negotiated benefit. Our Local Stewards are the perfect place to be utilized in this capacity, but we’d also like to support in any other way as well.

Elections- Elections will take place this summer for our Local and we will utilize electronic voting, which will make it easier for all of our members to take part. We could use some more help with our Local leadership, so let me know if you’re interested.

Secretary Report- Melissa Columbus
No report, unable to attend

Treasurer Report- Jennifer Theisen
No report, unable to attend

Business Agent Report- Debbie Prokopf
Contract/legislative update- Both the House and Senate approved the MAPE contract on Monday, so things are finally moving forward on it. The bill didn’t change anything about the negotiated terms so it still includes the 2% wage increase this year. It will be retroactive to the beginning of the Fiscal Year (July 1). Next year is a 2.25% increase. It is still unclear as to when the retroactive pay will take place.

Health care remains similar to what it was before, with only minimal increases in monthly premiums. Single increases $1.38 and family coverage increases $9.41 per month. There will be no increases in members’ out-of-pocket costs and co-pays for office visits and prescriptions, and there will be no co-pays for convenience clinics visits. The dental plan’s annual maximum benefit payable will increase to $2,000, it is currently $1,500 payable per person. Orthodontia benefits will now cover adults as well as children. Monthly premiums for single employees will increase from $5 to $13.50 and family (individual and dependent combined) premiums will increase from $38 to $52.48 each month. There are no increases in health care deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pockets costs for members. There are also no additional cost shifts or structural benefit changes.

Other highlights of the contract include a phased-retirement program, vacation accrual credit for qualifying private sector experience, and deferred compensation match increase. Details of the new contract can be found at https://www.mape.org/mape/news/qa-mape-2017-19-proposed-contract

Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court case update- The Supreme Court heard arguments on the Janus Case, so waiting to see what their ruling ends up being. The Janus case is important because it will set the legal precedent regarding fair share members, as it will take away the right of the Union to charge a Fair Share. So essentially it means you would either be a paying member or a non-paying member, so it would have a huge effect on how Unions can operate and is the beginning of a dedicated and well-funded effort by some entities to erode the power of Unions.

MAPE has been preparing for this case for a couple of years, so it won’t come as a shock to operations, but it does highlight the importance of recruitment and getting people to sign on as full members. We must work together in order to fight this intentional attack on Unions.

Regional Director Report- Bryan Kotta
No report, unable to attend

New Business

Membership: 62%
• 156 Members
• 97 Fee payer

Local 1501 Contacts
Chief Steward
Bryan Kotta (MnState) 218-477-2606 mailto:kotta@mnstate.edu

Local Stewards
Brian Jambor (MnState) 218-755-2056 mailto:bjambor@bemidjistate.edu
Brodie Karger (MnState) 218-755-3777 mailto:bkarger@bemidjistate.edu
Kat Kingsland (DPS) 651-793-2900 mailto:katherine.kingsland@state.mn.us
Kerry Ross (DNR) 218-308-2660 mailto:kerry.ross@state.mn.us
Mark Edevold (DNR) 218-308-2667 mailto:mark.edevold@state.mn.us
Mike Bates (DNR) 218-308-2364 mailto:mike.bates@state.mn.us
TJ Melcher (MnDOT) 218-755-6552 mailto:tj.melcher@state.mn.us

Meeting adjourned

MAPE Local 1501 2018 meeting schedule (12 p.m. – 1 p.m.)
May 23- Lueken’s North, 1171 Paul Bunyan Dr NW, Bemidji
July 25- Lueken’s North, 1171 Paul Bunyan Dr NW, Bemidji
Sept 26 Lueken’s South, 609 Washington Ave S, Bemidji
Nov 28 Lueken’s North, 1171 Paul Bunyan Dr NW, Bemidji