Local 1304 minutes Dec 18, 2019

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MAPE General Membership Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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Meeting Name: 

MAPE General Membership

Date: 12/18/2019


Time: Noon


Location: L.3100


Attendees: see sign in sheet


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Meeting Preparation (Add any items to read before or bring to the meeting)

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Membership update

5 minutes


Update on telecommuting policy

10 minutes

All / Jim

Meet & Confer updates

5 minutes

Meet & Confer Team

Student loan reimbursement

10 minutes


Business agent update

10 minutes


Approve Local Budget

10 minutes



Review of Action Items from last meeting Copy and paste Action Items from last meeting here


Meeting Notes Enter meeting notes in this section, use agenda to formulate and briefly describe items, utilize the tables below to capture more specific information

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Membership update-Jared

  • Stay tuned for invites to discuss signing up for memberships
  • Introduced two new members from Institutional Effectiveness- Welcome
  • Welcoming back Russel R

Update on telecommuting policy-All / Jim

  • Please see meet and confer notes
  • Members are encouraged to ask their supervisors
  • One member is able to telecommute one day a week
    • Had a conversation with supervisor beforehand
  • A couple members mentioning doing an ad hoc
    • They recommended being clear with your supervisor a head of time on what you are working on
  • So far employees who are able to telecommute report that it has gone well
  • A year from now our goal would be to say that students are still getting the services they need and that employees and supervisors are happy with the telecommuting policy

Meet & Confer updates- Refer to meet and confer notes

Student loan reimbursement-All

  • It was approved per the contract the wording uses shall versus must and is up to the appointing authority
  • Right now, it’s up to the agency (in our instance MN State)
  • MAPE is bringing this issue to all Meet and Confer teams
  • Some agencies have approved it
  • If members support the letter that will go to Dr. Pierce, they could sign today
  • Suggestions on wording for the letter are open-
  • Are private or federal student loans covered? Not sure
  • For general information please visit: https://mape.org/2019-2021-contract-info
    • Contract tentative agreement FAQ
  • Jim needs 5 volunteers to take a letter and ask people to sign
    • Jenny volunteered- thank you!
    • LaJune volunteered- thank you!

Business agent update-Dan

  • Two new bodies that were formed delegate assembly 2018 and elected in 2019 are up and moving
    • Political Council
      • Looking to make sure we pass our contract in the legislator
      • Support the insulin- Thanks Nicole Smith-Holt!
      • Elect a union friendly legislature, house and senate
      • Working to get contract to pass
    • Organizing Council
      • Looking to build strongest possible union with goals to move things at the agency and statewide level
      • One major focus it Promoting turn out for the 2020 meeting with the governor at the capitol
      • Organizing groups to go door to door during election season


    • Student loan reimbursement is being pushed at the agency level. There is some level of support at other agencies.

Approve Local Budget-Lindsey (see attached excel)

  • Year after year, we don’t spend as much money as we have
  • We are going to carry money forward to the next year
  • Lauren suggested we make a donation to the student resource center
    • She can bring more information to the next meeting and we can vote on it
  • Review of the MAPE Budgets categories- Talk to Lindsey with questions
  • Even if we spend all of the money on our 2020, we would still have a surplus
  • It’s our money, we should spend it on something we are proud of