Local 1304 minutes Nov 20, 2019

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MAPE-Meeting Agenda and Minutes



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Time:11:00am- Noon

Location: L 3100

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Jim and Lindsey- Review Local Budget / Discuss changes for next year

We don’t have to solidify the budget for several months, but start thinking about how we want to spend it, it’s our money So far we have spent money on food, bring your child to work day, and a MAPE happy hour. If you have ideas on how we should spend it, maybe you could take the lead on planning. Shoot ideas to Lindsey or Jim:

  • Student oriented scholarship
  • Professional development
  • Community organizing
  • Donate to student resource center
  • BBQ or something during the lunch

Jim- PSA

There will be a change in work hours from December 24th to the 31st. Please ask your supervisor to clarify.

Jim- Update on HR search committee improvement process

  • HR was able to get a copy of Metro State’s search committee flow chart they are going to look at it to see where we can make improvements
  • Jim and the M&C will continue to communicate about how this process is going, what are the open positions, and the timeline for those
  • In the future, there will be a work group to discuss the search committee process
  • HR is aware of issues with the search committee process- MMA is also frustrated with the same issues.

Esther will be emailing out request for search committee

  • Jim asked for a timeline to go out with the request for search committee and HR felt like they would get a lot of resistance from faculty unions- MMA was on board for having a timeline sent out in the request for search committee members
  • If there are too many resumes HR wants to screen candidates for minimum qualifications and then forward onto the search committee


Membership Update- Jared Scharpen- welcome to the official role as membership secretary

  •   Jared will get updates on membership
    • Jared is reaching out to non-members to hear about their stories and learn from them
    • He will also meet with new members to share more about MAPE membership


Esther is officially the VP and Elaine is the secretary.


Meet & Confer Agenda items- Jim Brennan

                Recap of last meet and confer notes on tele-commuting. Tele-commuting policy- not many members have had conversations with their supervisors and those who have, have had conversations with supervisors that were not supportive of telecommuting, Laptops are fully encrypted, IT is working on getting VPN

Questions for M&C

  • What’s the hold up?
  • What are next steps? Is the hold up with the supervisors?


Business Agent Update- Dan

  • Contract went into interim effect- back pay will be paid out on Friday
  • New salary schedule is updated
  • We want to make sure it passes without any roadblocks
  • Feedback- when will the website be updated?
  • MAPE is currently understaffed in the communications department
  • The open positions will be posted soon
  • Please be patient while those positions are filled
  • Tomorrow the organizing council meeting with the goal of increase action ex) set a meeting with the governor’s to discusses the budget proposals
  • MAPE is updating strategic plan and will be soliciting feedback from members
  • Question: what is the best case scenario to get the contract passed right away next time? We bargain on a timeline that is behind and it gets complicated based on the election cycles and who controls the legislature. There has been talk about moving up bargaining schedule, but it might only be possible once per tem. 6 months is a reasonable timeline to get contract approved.