Local 1303 minutes Jan 22, 2019

Publish Date

MAPE Local 1303

General Membership Meeting


Date: 1/22/2019

Time: 1130 – 1230

Location: Lino Lakes City Hall


Officers Present:

President: Darnell Baker

Vice President: Angie Halseth

Treasurer: Jill Tharalson

Secretary: Bola Olarinde


Stewards Present:

Darnell Baker

Angela Halseth

Jill Tharalson

Robin Windsperger

Dominique Wilson


Treasure Report:

Checking balance: $161.39

Saving balance: $7,278.34




President Report:

  • Discussed feedback/questions member have regarding the proposed dress code policy that was recently sent out.
  • Darnell would like to step down from the Dress Code Committee. Sarah Hagan has volunteered to take his place.
  • Meet and Confer Committee has decided to resume meeting with the Exec Team. Robin Windsperger will be the chair of this committee.
  • Topics to discuss at Februarys Meet and Confer include: extra duties being added to Case Managers and conference rooms not being used. If you have issues you would like brought up, let Robin, or anyone on the Meet and Confer team know.


Vice President Report:

  • Recently learned that Health Partners and Twin Cities Orthopedic are considered out of network for some, when they used to be considered in network. Make sure you double check what clinics are in your network.
  • MMB is requiring all HR staff to attend a two day training. If you have a suggestion on what HR can use some training in, let Angie know.
  • Currently have two open grievances.


Negotiations (Troy Borchardt):

  • The Negotiations Team has developed five main themes based of surveys that have been submitted. These include: Wages/healthcare, interest in workforce, equity and inclusion, work/life balance, and healthy workplace.
  • Other important issues among members are student loans and reimbursement.