Local 1303 minutes Nov 27, 2018

Publish Date

MAPE Local 1303

General Membership Meeting


Date: 11/27/2018

Time: 1130 – 1230

Location: Lino Lakes City Hall


Officers Present:

President: Darnell Baker

Vice President: Angie Halseth

Treasurer: Jill Tharalson

Secretary: Bola Olarinde

Business Agent: Pete Marincel


Stewards Present:

Darnell Baker

Angela Halseth

Jill Tharalson

Robin Windsperger

Dominique Wilson


Treasure Report:

Checking balance: $255.39

Saving balance: $6857.09




President Report:

  • Approximately two weeks ago, Darnell was present for a dress code meeting with the Warden, and other staff. There are no minutes for this meeting yet. Nothing has been determined yet; however, they are working on “tightening up” the dress code policy for professionalism.
  • During the most recent Meet and Confer, the Warden was unprofessional. The members that were present during the Meet and Confer did not agree with the meeting minutes, and will be drafting their own. Also, Meet and Confers will now be suspended for a while. Our union reps will still assist us with issues that arise; however, they will now be dealing with Supervisors.


Vice President Report:

  • Our next meeting will be December 17 (instead of December 25).
  • Working on putting together a committee to talk to new staff about signing up for MAPE.
  • Please send an email if you have any ideas about eating something different, besides pizza, for lunch.


Business Agent:

  • 72 out of the 103 MAPE endorsed candidates won during the elections earlier this month.
  • On December 14, 2018, the Bargaining group will be coming together for the results of the listening sessions. Their goal is to identify themes and tools to discuss with the Contract Action Team. 

Motion passed to provide Frank Marshall, Therapist, a card. His wife has recently passed.