Local 1302 minutes Apr 12, 2019

Publish Date


Date:                     April 12, 2019    

Time:                     12:00-1:00pm


Location:              Normandale Community College

9700 France Ave

Bloomington, MN 55431

Room:                   P 0808A


Agenda Item



Introductions, including officers and stewards

See attached steward contact sheet

Encourage MAPE members to complete steward training

Goal: have at least one steward at each local site

Attendee introductions

Increasing Membership Discussion

  • Discussion

Tim and Lucas requested non-member list to contact some of them to see if they would like to join MAPE.

Increase MAPE communications – perhaps a virtual bulletin board. Amy Fowler will update the bulletin board at Normandale.

Are there visible communication boards on other local sites?

Increase membership conversations before the contract vote – because only members can vote on the contract.

Plan the summer picnic

Need volunteers/other ideas for local activities such as happy hour?

Do we have volunteers to host the summer picnic? Volunteers need to pick a location, plan activities, plan for food, etc.

James Riley agreed to sit on the committee if others join him.

Business Agent Updates

Contract Negotiations/April 4th summary

MAPE presented full package proposal (can be found online both MAPE and MMB proposals)

2500 people participated in listening sessions

8,000 people filled out surveys

250 people came to St. Paul for April 4th including Angie and Lucas from our Local.

Next gathering is April 24th

Next Meeting

June 13th – How can we increase attendance to the Local Meeting?

Everyone is going to ask someone new to attend




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Steward Contact Sheet, February 2019

Angela Halseth, Chief Steward



(651) 717-6762


Antoinette Bowling-Harris, Normandale Community College


(952) 358-8207


Beena Cook, Normandale Community College


(952) 358-9187


Steven Geller, Normandale Community College


(952) 358-8454


Charles Klepperich, Normandale Community College


(952) 358-8136


Tim Lapanne, Normandale Community College


(952) 358-9079


Dori Maddox, Department of Corrections


(952) 496-4493


Jeremy McNamara, Normandale Community College


(952) 358-8447


Rachel Seleski-Johnson, Normandale Community College


(952) 358-9001


Other locations with opportunities to be represented:

DEED, Bloomington

DEED, Burnsville


MN State

DEED, Shakopee