Local 1201 minutes Dec 11, 2019

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President: Greggory Reid

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer:  Michael Crider

Secretary:  Robin Hoffman

Membership Secretary:  Vacant


Regional Director: Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger

Business Agent (Enforcement): Kelly Ahern

Business Agent (Organizing): Alex Erickson

Chief Steward: Marlijn Hoogendoorn



MAPE Local 1201 December 11th, 2019 Meeting Notes

12:07 PM – 12:56 PM Brown & Bigelow - Room  1133

Off Site Attendance via GoToMeeting



Meeting started around 12:07 after some technical issues with the GoToMeeting setup. Greggory Reid introduced himself as the Local 1201 President attending from his office at the St Paul College. The minutes of the previous meeting, available online, were displayed and approved. The agenda for the meeting was displayed and approved. The agenda had been sent in an email to the membership prior to the meeting. (Note: A map of the various locations for Local 1201 is also included below)


Old Business was for worksite updates and it was mentioned that the locking of all the doors at Brown and Bigelow should be reviewed in light of the inclement weather and security concerns. Greggory indicated that an email to him would facilitate the questions to be raised to management as to the reason behind locking all the doors. The issue could be brought up at a state Meet and Confer meeting. Others mentioned that even though they worked at BCA in a secure location, the very first door was open to get out of the weather with an ID required for the second inside door. Greggory indicated that we might want to bring this up with management sooner rather than later.


New Business began with a report by treasurer, Michael Crider, speaking from his location at Dakota County Technical College in Rosemount about the budget. A recap of the previous budget for 2019 was conducted with a review of the proposed 2020 budget to be approved. In general not much money allocated for various projects like AV equipment was spent in 2019 and there is plenty of  room to expand on coming together with good opportunities to spend time together to get to know our fellow members. Several suggestions were made that our local could spend the $1000.00 already allocated for social events this year to sponsor a Happy Hour somewhere or help increase the attendance at the  MS 150 bike run that was attended by Mafiz Hoque and Mark Lenling last June for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.


Another suggestion was to use our surplus to help other Unions that may have to go out on strike this year with the current anti-union climate in the country. We can benefit by having other strong unions in our state and it was mentioned that MAPE as a whole donated money at the Delegate Assembly to the UAW last September, so we could add in money from our local as well.


We currently have vacant seats for Vice President and Membership Secretary, so if you have a desire to fill a vacancy or wish to nominate someone, please email Greggory with your suggestions. We would also like to establish Worksite Captains at our various locations who would facilitate MAPE events, setup rooms for site meetings and ordering lunch. Otherwise, everyone is invited to go online and use GoToMeeting to attend virtually from their location. Lunch orders are reimbursed from the budget with a list of attendees, a receipt and a simple form. This is a standard allocation from our budget, and clearly we are not spending enough on lunch!


A few known people who are already doing this kind of service at their site will be approached in the

near future, but we need suggestions for anyone who might be able to serve. Hopefully by the 1st of the year 2020 we can have more structure, more voices and keep our local 1201 strong. Our autonomy as a local and our solidarity really depends on all of us working together. We need people at each location who would be willing to know where to steer questions to the appropriate people, welcome new employees and have membership conversations after orientation meetings. Please email any officer with your questions, suggestions, nominations for all open positions. Please get involved and be part of the solution. This is how we move forward with strength in numbers, more transparency and more communications between our locations. It is vital to our strength to help each other within our local.


Our MAPE Regional Director, Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger was in attendance to discuss the new strategic plan introduced at the last Board Meeting, November 14, 2019. This is the “BIG PICTURE” of where the Union is going. The Steward Summit was well attended by over 200 stewards who discussed issues like the FLSA (Federal Labor and Safety Act), field service retreats with the Department of Corrections for their issues across different agencies, and the Day on the Hill to break out with agency specific items having face time with our legislative representatives. There are 2 new members of the Organizing Council and much excitement about Student Loan reimbursements. We are organizing the ITS pay grids with recruitments and bonuses for members at the top of their pay scale and we’ll see how far we can take it. We have seen emails reaching out on various State Campuses to push and encourage people to discuss Student Loan reimbursements for agencies that have not gotten on board yet. There are several agencies that have made verbal commitments to the plan, but we need to show interest to move these items forward. The theme this season is strength in numbers to aid collaboration on many projects.  The PAC (Political Action Committee) is also meeting throughout the District to talk to legislators and neighbors about the political climate to help unions succeed.


Our Business Agent for Organizing, Alex Erickson, discussed the current status of the contract negotiations which went into effect as the SER sub-committee level when they cancelled their meeting to vote on the contract. So the contact was approved by default and the raises in salary were issued last month retro to July 1st, 2019. Now the contract will still have to be approved by the legislature this coming Spring, 2020, but it would be a legal cataclysm if they backed it out at this point. That is highly unlikely, so the session starts in February 2020 and will be a ‘bonding’ year and a 10 year redistricting cycle. They have not been able to agree on the District map changes since 1980 so the courts will probably decide the mapping as usual.  


Having more people as members gives our union more power to bargain successfully. You are all invited to support our MAPE projects such as Pay Equity and Student Loan reimbursement plans because it is good for the legislators to see the people who are supporting these changes. We only have the power to leverage the MMB because of our membership. State service is increasingly political and people have strong opinions, so we must be prepared to vote and strike if necessary as other unions have in the past. Agencies usually already have their budgets set, so we want to get guidance agency by agency to address pay equity, retain employees, have private sector vacation accruals increased as the public sector accruals were already put into place. Various Meet and Confer committees will be working on these issues in the coming months.


In the interim, Alex is available to work on projects and issues now, but come the election season, he’ll be busy knocking on doors in September, October and November for the next election cycle. We need to have our state and local elections won by people who support Unions and endorsing good candidates helps raise the floor and ceiling of what is possible within MAPE.


Without new business to discuss, on a final note, remember that MAPE will reimburse anyone for ‘Lost Time’ that is, you fill out a form and they will cover your day’s wages to attend any training. This would be based on your current salary, so you are reimbursed for your time and if there are several people at your location who are interested in Steward training, for example, a separate training session could be arranged at your work site, including lunch. Remember that you can contact any Steward if you experience a problem. Knowledge is power and it doesn’t hurt to know the labor and management relationship in your workplace. Contact any of our officers with questions or concerns.


The next meeting will be posted as February 12th 2020 on the MAPE events calendar at https://mape.org/events/


Meeting was adjourned at 12:56 PM.     Thanks for attending and have a great holiday.



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