Local 1201 minutes October 9, 2019

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MAPE Local 1201

October 9th, 2019 Meeting Notes

12:07 PM – 12:38 PM, Brown & Bigelow - Room  1133

Off Site Attendance via GoToMeeting

Greggory Reid introduced himself as the new Local 1201 President displayed the agenda for this meeting, which was sent in an email to the membership last week. The minutes of the previous meeting, available online, were displayed and approved. A map of the various locations for Local 1201 is also included below:

A recap of the Delegate Assembly was conducted with a review of the resolutions passed. This document was also sent out with the agenda of the meeting and displayed to the group. Our previous membership secretary has resigned, so the most interesting resolution for our Local 1201 is that the President of Local 1201, can appoint members to any temporary vacancies prior to a quarterly election. We currently have vacant seats for Vice President and Membership Secretary, so if you have a desire to fill a vacancy or wish to nominate someone, please email Greggory with your suggestions.

Our Treasurer, Michael Crider, is ill, but he reviewed our current budget with Greggory and you can meet with Greggory or send an email with any questions. Hopefully Michael will be recovered soon.

Our MAPE Business Agent is Alex Erickson, and he discussed the current status of the contract negotiations. There will be a SER sub-committee meeting scheduled at the State House on October 22nd to vote on the contract that was approved by the members of MAPE.  This committee has ten people and there are equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats on the committee. A tie, or a majority vote would put the contract into effect while awaiting ratification by the full legislature next session. Having more people as members gives our union more power to bargain successfully. You are all invited to attend this meeting and support our MAPE contract with your presence. Please register if you plan to attend. Alex will be publishing minutes for the meeting, but it would be good for the legislators to see the people who are supporting the contract. We only have the power to leverage the MMB because of our membership. State service is increasingly political and people have strong opinions, so we must be prepared to vote and strike if necessary to gain our contract.

In the interim, a retroactive check would be issued for your back wages from 7/1/2019 if the contract takes effect and usually they wait a pay period after the approval to issue this check. That is because there are so many members in MAPE and various other unions in Minnesota, that it takes them some time to compute the differences. This check would also contain any salary progressions that you might have expected to go into effect as of July, 2019.

The 2020 Health Care Rates are also included in the new contact and we should be receiving an email about the window typically in late October 31st thru November 20th. Think carefully about your selections since this is the only time you can change them for the coming year.

There are new ranges for MNIT staff included in the contract, but until it is approved, we will not have information on what the implementation of them will entail. We want to improve retention of IT staff and eliminate unclassified jobs.  Various Meet and Confer committees will be working on these issues in the coming months.

An active Steward meeting and the first Steward summit will be on October 11th and October 25th. Please sign up to register if you wish to be a Steward. A Steward is trained to represent all MAPE bargaining unit employees with respect to investigations, filing and presenting grievances and advocating on their behalf. It entails answering questions and being a source of help for colleagues. Stewards have their contact information on the Local 1201 website and we have added Stewards for the Brown and Bigelow building to the online web page. Please contact Moua Song, or Bruce Anderson with any specific questions you might have here at Brown and Bigelow.

Student Loan Reimbursement was accepted by MNIT with permissive language in our new contract. It was agreed to have a 5 year pilot for up to $5000.00 at MNIT, but the Colleges and other Agencies will have to work to have their groups included. We would like to work to make this a positive benefit for other Agencies as well.  For example, the Public Center Vacation Accrual to honor your time spent in both private and public centers was approved and implemented also by MNIT on the last contract, so at this time we can say to other Agencies it was a wise move to retain staff as they do not want people leaving their agency to go across the street to take advantage of these benefits.

The UAW strike has been in the news for the last 3 weeks. Members from MAPE have joined them on the pick lines in Hudson, WI to show our solidarity. An Officer from this Union, Steve Fiest gave an impassioned speech at our Delegate Assembly and invited us all to come and listen to their stories. They refused to sell out the temporary workers without health insurance and we remember the last time MAPE was on strike in 2001. It is remarkable how they are interested in the same issues we are, like: unclassified and temporary workers, erosion of health care and management strategy to sell the future. It is gratifying to see the amount of support that ordinary citizens can show, so we are not alone. People do care about those out on the picket lines and their time is appreciated.

Without new business to discuss, on a final note, remember that MAPE will reimburse anyone for ‘Lost Time’ that is, you fill out a form and they will cover your day’s wages to attend any training. This would be based on your current salary, so you are reimbursed for your time and if there are several people at your location who are interested in Steward training, for example, a separate training session could be arranged at your work site, including lunch. Remember that you can contact any Steward if you experience a problem. Knowledge is power and it doesn’t hurt to know the labor and management relationship in your workplace.

The November meeting is scheduled for the Wednesday, 11/13/2019 and the meeting dates will be setup on the MAPE events calendar at https://mape.org/events/

Meeting was adjourned at 12:38 PM.


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