Local 1201 minutes Aug 6, 2019

Publish Date

President: Gregory Reid (effective 8/30)

Vice President: Vacant

Treasurer:  Michael Crider (effective 8/30)

Secretary:  Robin Hoffman

Membership Secretary:  Zafar Siddiqui

Regional Director: Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger

Business Agent (Enforcement): Kelly Ahern

Business Agent (Organizing): Alex Erickson

Chief Steward: Marlijn Hoogendoorn


MAPE Local 1201 August 6th, 2019 Meeting Notes

12:00 PM – 12:39 PM Brown & Bigelow - Room  1130

Off Site Attendance via GoToMeeting


Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger introduced herself as the new Region 12 Director and showed an agenda for this meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting, available online, were displayed and approved. A map of the various locations for Local 1201 was also displayed along with the agenda.


Our previous President of Local 1201, Mark Lenling, has received a promotion out of this local and had to tender his resignation with a nice email to Alex Erickson, our MAPE Business Agent. He thanks everyone for their work and support over these past few years. He has learned a lot and intends to continue to be supportive in his new position.  Our new President will be Gregory Reid who was attending the meeting from St. Paul College today and gave some opening remarks. He has worked with various unions and locals in the past. He is currently working on his PhD in Higher Education, Policy and Development at the University of Minnesota. He feels privileged to serve this local 1201 and will do so to the best of his abilities. He has an office at the College and issued a welcome to all comers, “Please stop in, call or email and we’ll try to get this worked through”.  


Robin Hoffman introduced herself as the new 1201 Secretary and will get the minutes up on the MAPE website as soon as possible. Zafar Siddiqui will be the Local 1201 Membership Secretary and Michael Crider will serve as Treasurer. With four new Officers, Local 1201 will be able to get organized and reach out to all.


New Officer and active Steward training will be at the MAPE headquarters on Friday, 8/23/2019 so please register for that. A Steward is trained to represent all MAPE bargaining unit employees with respect to investigations, filing and presenting grievances and advocating on their behalf. It entails answering questions and being a source of help for colleagues. To be considered active, a member should attend current training and have their contact information added to the Local 1201 website. We currently do not have any active Stewards listed for the Brown and Bigelow building so that would be helpful. https://mape.org/events/basic-steward-training


Now with the contract there are several dates to remember:

    • August 9th – Last day to become a member to vote on the Tentative Agreement
    • August 13th-27th – Electronic voting for Special Elections
    • August 14th-26th – Electronic voting for Tentative Agreement
    • August 23rd – Basic Steward and New Officer Training at MAPE HQ
    • August 28th – Votes tallied for Tentative Agreement
      • Sends to MMB -> Subcommittee on Employee Relations (SER) -> 30 days to meet/vote
      • If no meeting, or a tie-vote, or a positive vote -> Contract is in effect (and sent to full legislature for ratification)
    • August 30th – New officers officially “seated”
    • September 21st – Delegate Assembly (DoubleTree, Bloomington)


Now Amanda pointed out that the expectation is that there will be a tie in the SER sub-committee if it agrees to meet, as there are equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats on the committee. A tie, or no meeting would put the contract into effect while awaiting ratification by the full legislature next session. An initial vote by MAPE members against the tentative agreement itself would be a vote to go on strike. Having more people as members gives our union more power to bargain successfully.


Remember that non-members do not pay dues anymore, so ask your neighbors at work if they are members to encourage an increase in our 64% rate of membership. MAPE currently has a 73% membership rate overall.


Regional Director Report – Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger

  • New Political and Organizing Councils
    • Political – Cathleen Cotter, John Ferrera
    • Organizing – Sarah Evans, Lauren Siegel
  • MAPE is hiring a new Public Affairs and Communications Director (Richard Kolodziejski has left)
  • Membership – Activating and engaging members
    • 1201 = 446 members (64%)


Business Agent/MAPE Report– Alex Erickson  

  • Student Loan Reimbursement was accepted by MNIT with permissive language
  • Colleges and other Agencies will have to work to have their groups included.
  • Contact Alex to work on this with others in our region 12. We’d like to make this a regional issue so we can join together and get the Agencies thinking about it in a positive way.


Without new business to discuss, on a final note, remember that MAPE will reimburse anyone for ‘Lost Time’ that is, you fill out a form and they will cover your day’s wages to attend any training. This means you are reimbursed for your time and if there are several people at your location who are interested in Steward training, for example, that can be arranged at your work site, including lunch.


An October meeting date will be setup on the events calendar after 8/23/19  at https://mape.org/events/


Meeting was adjourned at 12:38 PM.



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