Local 1201 minutes Jul 17, 2019

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MAPE Local 1201 Negotiations Meeting Notes

July 17th, 2019, 12:06 PM-1:06 PM via GoToMeeting

Onsite Location: Brown and Bigelow – 345 Plato Blvd, St Paul, MN 55107

Room Number 1133


Amanda Anthony from the Corrections Department was introduced as the Regional Negotiations Representative  for Local 1201. She had a power point presentation of the contract changes. Some highlights:

  • 2.25% (July 1, 2019) and 2.5% (July 1, 2020) raise increase and step increases still apply to eligible employees.
  • Health Care: MAPE fought the proposal to increase health care, and got the increase down from 122 million to only 23.5 million, so there will be minor increases in health care.
  • MAPE has a chart of increases and a list of agencies involved in each change.
  • Conversion of sick leave to health care savings or PTO did not go through this time, but sick leave was extended to parents and grandparents to provide assistance as well as spouse and children.
  • Bereavement: The current language was clarified to allow 40 hours in sick leave credits that the employee would have to pay back in time.
  • Phase retirement: MMB wants examples to show how this is working and MAPE will be part of this evaluation.
  • Letter of Expectation: This supervisory tool has been abused in the past as a disciplinary technique without time frames, so now there is a mechanism to have it removed from personal files where as written warning can remain up to 18 months. This was a pre-disciplinary letter.
  • Pay Range Increases for IT: MMB is adding extra columns and rows to address recruitment and retention of talented IT staff. Your paystub shows where you are in the current ranges and your position description should also show the current status. Also, career mapping and higher classes were proposed that MAPE want simplified over all MAPE position descriptions.
  • Equity Adjustments for employees at the top of their range are included.
  • MMB believes that the system currently in place for safety leave is sufficient. The Labor Management Committee will continue working on this issue. One comment was to be aware that you could lose your access to Worker’s Compensation if you are not vaccinated.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) changes are included with training to use devices.
  • Unpaid Suspension language will be made permanent now in the contract instead of just a letter.
  • MAPE can also make changes on the agency level. One example is the Student Loan Reimbursement: This is at agency discretion now because of a rally held in St Paul by the 4th region at the Department of Revenue. Hopefully it will be in future contracts for all agencies.
  • We will keep fighting for issues related to temporary unclassified employees like a 14 day notice. We asked for a month, but that did not go through. MAPE would like MMB to commit to the audit they proposed to address this issue informally.


MAPE will be doing more work around these and other issues through our Meet and Confer Teams. So review the MAPE web site for more information on how these negotiations take place. A few things to remember


  • You must sign up to be a member by August 9th if you want to vote on the MAPE contract.
  • There will be an email outlining how to vote on the contract. Voting begins August 14th and ends August 26th. After that the contract will go to the Subcommittee on Employee Relations and they will have 30-days to react to it.  


Alex Erickson expanded on the fact that MAPE will be meeting with the Subcommittee of Employee Relations (SER) team in the weeks and months to come, but we are confident that the committee will approve our contract. When that occurs the Governor will sign it and then the 2020 Legislative Session will have to approve it. All pay increases will be retroactive to July 1, 2019 after this approval. There is a PAC (Political Action Committee) associated with MAPE if you are interested in changing the makeup of the political situation in Minnesota.


Please consider becoming a member of MAPE and helping out our Local 1201. We have many positions open. The MAPE union is the reason that we enjoy the pay and benefits we have now with rules that protect our employment.


Concerns and Issues:


  • Student Loan Reimbursement: would like to expand to all agencies
  • Phase retirement: MMB wants examples to show how this is working and MAPE will be part of this evaluation.
  • Paid Family Leave
  • Weather – establishing adult snow days
  • Professional Development is not covered in the MAPE contract
  • Vacation approvals
  • Telecommuting policy is still up to the supervisor discretion. MAPE will work on finding specific examples where there are problems. Our contact is based on a 40+ year old standard of work when if you were on call or were called back to work, you had to physically leave your home to return to work. Now with telecommuting, you work from home and MMB can manipulate the terms of that to suit themselves. We need to add language to our contract to reflect the current times with portability and current technology.


An August meeting date (8/6/2019) has been setup on the events calendar at https://mape.org/events/


Meeting was adjourned at 1:06 PM.