Local 101 minutes Mar 12, 2019

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MAPE Local 101 Minutes

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


Old Business:




MAPE President Chet Jorgenson spoke about the value of collective action and about the strength of our union as a whole.  He encouraged people to get involved and work to make the state a better place to work.


Recurring Business (officer reports):

Director Darci Wing: Our region is electing a director this year, nominations are due in April, I am running for re-election.  MAPE is also electing people to form the new organizing council and a new political council.

Negotiations Report, Harland Hiemstra : We are getting ready for the start of negotiations with the governors team and MMB. We are writing proposals around issues like Work-Life balance, Professional Development, and Wages/Healthcare. We would like members to attend the opening day of negotiations on April 4th, with a location to be decided somewhere in the downtown area.

Chief Steward Report, Jed Becher: We have a number of grievances pending and are working to advance some of the issues around the DNR employee survey.  MAPE was able to restore PPL for a member whose child had died and whose PPL had been revoked.

Membership, Yashica Calderon : We are working with the food committee to create new options for meetings. Tell your friends to come to meetings; the food will be better.


Speaker/Discussion Topic:



New Business:

Darci Wing was nominated to run for a second term on the MAPE board of directors.


Good and Welfare:

Carol Johnson is retiring. The local voted to give her up to $100 for a parting gift.


Minutes submitted by Monica Weber, Local 101 Secretary