Local 101 minutes Feb 12, 2019

Publish Date

MAPE Local 101 Minutes

February 12, 2019  

Meeting location – Warner Road


Old Business:

Lunch committee instituted one of their first new lunch trials with lunch from Chipotle. The change was well received by those in attendance and felt they should be used again.

Board of director’s nominations are open at this time.

Board has been going through resolutions from Delegate Assembly.

MAPE Day on the Hill is March 26th.  Register on the MAPE website at: https://mape.org/news/mape-day-hill-2019


Recurring Business (officer reports):

Negotiations Report, Harland Hiemstra:  The team has started to meet and to develop themes from all the member comments, surveys and feedback solicited through many meetings.

Chief Steward Report, Jed Becher: 17 total grievances in 101. 10 at DNR and 7 at DLI.

Holding a listening session with DNR staff on February 14th from the Office of Communications and Outreach and DNR Information Officers. Still trying to bring EAP in to talk with staff.

Working to meet with the new commissioner as soon as we can to share some of our concerns carried over from the last administration about the DNR Culture of Respect and the DNR Meet and Confer process.

Looking for additional members for the DNR Meet and Confer.

MnIT meet and confer met last week, meeting went well, well attended by the committee and management.


New Business:

Motion: Give $200 to the East Side Freedom Library

1st by Darci Wing

2nd Jed Becher

Motion passed.


Speaker/Discussion topic:

Guest speaker was Peter Rachleff, executive director of the East Side Freedom Library. http://eastsidefreedomlibrary.org/

Peter is a former history professor at Macalester College. They are located in the former 1917 Arlington Hills St. Paul library building at 1105 Greenbrier Street.

There is a mail list sign up available under the get involved menu at the top of their web page.

The East Side Freedom Library (ESFL) has its home in the former Arlington Hills library, one of St. Paul’s historic Carnegie library buildings at 1105 Greenbrier Street, located in the Payne-Phalen neighborhood.

The ESFL’s mission is to inspire solidarity, advocate for justice and work toward equity for all.  The library houses non-circulating research collections that appeal to interested general learners as well as scholars, with innovative databases and finding aids that make using the collections fun and vital.

Story is a major theme of the ESFL, and the telling and gathering of stories, through formal interviews, workshops, and small-scale public performances, will allow local residents and interested public to learn more about the work and residential histories of the East Side.

Note takers comment: Peter gave a great presentation about the Freedom Library. It sounds like they have a regular lineup of activities and speakers that would be of interest to union supporters and our members are strongly encouraged to check out this excellent local resource.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Chief Steward, Jed Becher