Local 101 minutes Jan 9, 2019

Publish Date

MAPE Local 101 Minutes

Tuesday, January 9, 2019

Old business:

Recurring Business (officer reports):
Director: Board is working plans for the new year and implementing the election changes from delegate assembly.

Membership: We are working on doing some member team building events, i.e. happy hour, summer picnics, membership pins, etc. If you have ideas, feel free to bring them forward.

Negotiations Report: We have the results of the member survey for the contract and we are working at compiling the answers and seeing what contract ideas may begin to form.

Speaker/Discussion topic: 
The local is seeking feedback into what type of speaker/discussion topics would members be interested in. SEGIP, MSRS, MAPE 101, and other topics were mentioned.

New Business:
President Liz Samuel presented the proposed annual budget for MAPE local 101. President Liz opened the floor for questions about the proposed budget.

The Budget as proposed was moved for a vote by Jed Becher and was seconded by Darci Wing.

The budget passes unanimously.

Good and Welfare: