Local 101 minutes Dec 11, 2018

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MAPE Local 101 Minutes

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Old business:

Recurring Business (officer reports):
Director: The board is working on their annual plan.

Membership: We are working on recruiting new members, if you know anyone who needs a card or who we can talk with about becoming a members, please see a local officer.

Negotiations Report: We are still soliciting ideas for the new contract, please email Harlan or go to the web portal to submit contract ideas.

Speaker/Discussion Topic:
Secretary Monica Weber led a discussion about professional development and training issues. Seeking information about what types of training would members want to increase their skills and their ability to better perform their jobs. 

New Business:
We are looking to form a food committee to discuss for local meetings. If interested talk to Liz.

We will be voting on our yearly budget at the January meeting.

Good and Welfare: