Governor releases initial budget, supports new revenue

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Governor Tim Walz released his initial budget proposal for FY2022-23 on Tuesday, Jan. 26. Calling it Minnesota’s COVID-19 Recovery Budget, he and Lt. Gov. Flanagan focus on resources for students to make up for learning lost, economic recovery and support for working families. They propose several progressive tax increases including a tax on families making over $1 million, capital gains tax and closing corporate tax loopholes.

With thousands of pages to comb through and many members to consult about the details of the budget, initial readings were optimistic, given the partisan political climate.

“As epidemiologists, unemployment insurance specialists and caregivers to Minnesota’s most vulnerable, MAPE members continue to fight on the frontlines of the pandemic. We know there is much work ahead of us to go from COVID-19 relief to recovery. MAPE stands ready to help advance equitable solutions to support workers, families, students and small businesses hit hardest by the pandemic while providing the quality public services Minnesotans deserve,” MAPE President Megan Dayton said.

“MAPE members stepped up to help Minnesotans fight this deadly virus. We support Gov. Walz’s commitment to a fair and balanced budget and his request that all Minnesotans step up and pay their fair share, including the wealthiest Minnesotans and corporations,” Dayton added.

Over the next months, Minnesota Management and Budget officials will release the February Budget Forecast which may mean revisions for the Governor’s proposed budget targets. In addition, the House will likely put out targets and we hope the Senate will follow suit, moving beyond their “cuts only” approach. The Legislature will need to negotiate a final budget by the end of the legislative session on May 17. This budget will dictate the conditions negotiators will use to determine MAPE’s contract.

MAPE will continue to take action on the budget, advocating with the Governor and the Legislature for a budget that supports the Minnesota state government and the employees providing those important services.