Fall 2019 Special Elections

Publish Date

Nominations are now open for fall 2019 special elections being held across the state. Candidates are being sought for two Regional Director positions in Regions 2 and 5, and officers in more than 20 locals. Nominations will close on Oct. 31.

Voting opens on Nov. 18 and will end on Dec. 2.   

Members must send their nominations for the Regional Director offices to MAPE on behalf of the Elections Committee at swelect@mape.org.

Presidents in locals that are conducting elections are to appoint a local nominations committee and a local election committee (Election Rules, Article II, Sections 2 and 3). Local nomination committee shall seek out and encourage qualified persons to run for local elective positions.

Members must send their nominations for local positions to their local election committee. The local election committees must forward the nominations to MAPE on behalf of the Elections Committee (swelect@mape.org). In addition, please send the name and email address of your local election committee’s contact person for the upcoming elections to swelect@mape.org.

All candidates must provide a personal statement no later than Nov. 4 or their name will not be placed on the ballot. All candidates must comply with MAPE’s Social Media in Campaigns policy.

More information may be found at: https://mape.org/resources/mape-documents/election-information .