Election results 2017 For statewide officers

Publish Date
Results of the election are as follows:


  • Number of Voters 3,789
  • Number of Blank Votes 28


Rank Candidate Final Vote Count % Selected
1 Chet Jorgenson 1,913 50,49 % X
2 Michelle Doheny 1,876 49.51%  

First Vice President:

  • Number of Voters 3,682
  • Number of Blank Votes 135

First Vice President – First Iteration

Rank Candidate Vote Count %
1 April Kane 1,388 37.7
2 Andy Bahn 1,198 32.54
3 Bryan Kotta 1,096 29.77

First Vice President – Second Iteration

Rank Candidate   Vote Count %
1 April Kane   1,658 45.03
2 Andy Bahn   1,563 42.45
Exhausted Ballots 451      

First Vice President – Third Iteration

Rank Candidate Final Vote Count % Selected
1. April Kane 2,703 73.41 X
Exhausted Ballots 979      

Second Vice President:

Number of Voters 3,642
Number of Blank Votes 175


Rank Candidate Final Vote Count % Selected
1 Joan Treichel 2,025 55.6 X
2 Jerry Jeffries 1,617 44.4  


Number of Voters 3,679
Number of Blank Votes 138

Rank Candidate Final Vote Count % Selected
1 Todd Maki 2,447 66.51 X
2 Sam Sant 1,232 33.49  

These results are hereby certified.
Respectively Submitted, MAPE Election Committee:
Mike Landers, Chair
Robert “Bubba” Aguirre
Christopher Cimafranca
Benjamin Stoebner
Mary Welliver

Candidates for the uncontested positions, Secretary and Trustee, will be seated in accordance with MAPE By-Laws.


  • Samsam Abdalla

Trustee (Three 4-year terms)

  • Joseph Sullivan
  • Greg Ellis
  • Cathy Finken

Date: November 20, 2017
To: MAPE Board of Directors
From: MAPE Election Committee
Re: Certification of Results for the MAPE 2017 Statewide Election

MAPE conducted its biennial election of statewide officers in accordance with the MAPE by-laws and Election Rules. Nominations opened on July 25, 2017 and closed on September 23rd, 2017. The following candidates were properly nominated for the positions shown.


  • Chet Jorgenson
  • Michelle Doheny

First Vice President

  • April Kane
  • Andy Bahn
  • Bryan Kotta

Second Vice President:

  • Jerry Jeffries
  • Joan Treichel


  • Sam Sant
  • Todd Maki


  • Samsam Abdalla

Trustee (Three 4-year terms)

  • Joseph Sullivan
  • Greg Ellis
  • Cathy Finken

The candidates for the uncontested positions, Secretary and Trustee, will be seated in accordance with MAPE By-Laws.

The election for the contested positions was held between October 26, 2017, and Nov. 16th, 2017. The primary method of balloting was by web-based voting using a third party vendor, BigPulse USA. Members were given an option to receive a paper ballot in lieu of a web-ballot. Voting credentials and the voting link were sent via email to 9,908 members with an e-mail address on file with MAPE. A paper ballot was sent to 1 member who either did not have a working email address on file or who requested a paper ballot. One paper ballot was voted. The attached report from BigPulse shows that 3,817 or 38.52% of eligible voters voted in this election.

This compares to a participation rate of 33.14% in the 2015 statewide election, 29.2% in the 2013 statewide election and a participation rate of 19% in the 2011 statewide election.

Comments submitted by voters show that members continue their strong support for web-voting. Typical comments were: “So much nicer getting these electronically, especially with the email reminder. We are all busy and I prefer this form of voting.”

One voter offered this suggestion: “Is it possible to have photos of each candidate? or a website linked to where we can see their photos and statements?”

Several voters raised this question: “It was strange that for the 1st VP selection a '1' was placed in the box, whereas, for the other selections an 'X' was placed in the box. Please make sure that the votes for 1st VP are counted correctly and are registered.”

Election Committee response: Per MAPE Election Rules, Article VI, Section 3, preferential balloting was used for the First Vice President election because more than two candidates were nominated and a majority vote is required for this position.

Election Issues
One significant issue arose during the campaign. The following is the content of a letter sent by the Elections Committee to all candidates on October 23rd. It is self-explanatory:

“Dear Candidates, Questions about the use of social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, in MAPE elections were raised this year. The current election rules do not appear to address the usage of social media which creates a gray area. Given that the Election Committee has to approve all campaign materials, we determined that approval of each posting would be overly cumbersome. The committee told the candidate that given current rules, all candidates are limited to the MAPE- paid mailing and any additional mailings paid by the campaigns.

Subsequently, one of the candidates pointed out that another candidate has a reference to social media page in their campaign material. We failed to recognize the reference when we reviewed it. We apologize for missing this. Given these facts, what is the most fair and equitable solution? These are our thoughts:

Given the fact that the material was approved and distributed, we can’t revoke our approval because the material has already been distributed and it wouldn’t be fair to the candidate who has already incurred the cost of printing. We’ve considered solutions such as asking the candidate with the Facebook page to take it down but that wouldn’t be fair either because then they would have a reference in their campaign material to a Facebook page that doesn’t work.

We’ve looked at the Facebook page and at the moment it doesn’t contain anything that appears to us to be objectionable or likely to generate an election protest or appeal. We’ve thought of asking the candidate with the Facebook reference to simply stop posting to it but it could be argued that the very existence of the current material on the Facebook page is an unfair advantage and that the reference to it on their campaign material could be mentioned in candidate forums etc.

Given the fact that the Genie can’t be put back in the bottle, we’re writing to all candidates for statewide office to inform them that the Elections Committee authorizes the use of Facebook pages and Twitter accounts but that ALL postings from this point forward MUST have be approved by the Elections Committee prior to posting. Further, this approval may take several days because we must have a majority of the committee approving each posting prior to its being posted. There is no perfect solution to this issue. However, we believe that allowing the use of social media and requiring all further postings to be approved by the Elections Committee prior to its being posted is the most fair and equitable solution possible at the moment. We assure you that, after the conclusion of this election we will be reviewing this and several other issues that have emerged. We will work to craft solutions dealing with the use of electronic media in future elections and other issues and propose amendments to the Election Rules for consideration by the Delegate Assembly.

On behalf of the Elections Committee,
Yours in Solidarity,
Mike Landers
MAPE Elections Committee Chair
651-739-0303 (Home)
651-335-6738 (Cell)

The Elections Committee finds that this issue was appropriately resolved.