Election Day 2020

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Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, MAPE members and staff were still able to contribute more than 700 campaign shifts to help elect pro-labor candidates across the state this election cycle.

MAPE also inaugurated its member-to-member calls program. Members called more than 2,500 members to check in and see how they were doing. Members discussed important campaign issues as well as MAPE-endorsed candidates running in their districts. 

We knew there were going to be several races that were going to come down to a few hundred votes and how those votes broke would determine the majority in the Minnesota Senate. We came up short in the Minnesota Senate: flipping three seats (Districts 14, 44 and 56) but losing two (Districts 27 and 58) and are now one seat short of a pro-labor leader in the majority.

The closest race was in Senate District 14, MAPE-endorsed candidate Aric Putnam defeated Republican Sen. Jerry Relph by 316 votes. The Legal Marijuana Now Party received more than 3,100 votes in the district. The races were very close in the two Rochester Senate Districts, in Austin and Albert Lea and in Maple Grove, with MAPE endorsed candidates falling short of a win by just a couple of percentage points.

We retained a pro-labor majority in the Minnesota House although with a slimmer margin, and a few of the House races may be headed for recounts.

Turn out among voters of b0th political parties was up this year over the last presidential election in 2016. In 2016, 3.27 million Minnesotans were registered to vote and 2.94 million actually did vote