Election Committee Report Certification of the Results of the MAPE 2019 Statewide, Regional, Local and Several Special Elections

Publish Date

Date: May 31, 2019

To: Board of Directors
From: Statewide Elections Committee

Re: Election Committee Report - Certification of the Results of the MAPE 2019 Statewide, Regional, Local and Several Special Elections


The MAPE 2019 statewide, regional, local and several special elections were conducted in accordance with MAPE election rules and bylaws using web-based voting conducted by MAPE’s vendor, BigPulse. Statewide positions up for election were: Statewide Vice President, Statewide Secretary, Trustees (2), Statewide Organizing Council (three 1-year terms and two 2-year terms) and Statewide Political Council (two 1-year terms and three 2-year terms). Regional Directors were up for election in all odd-numbered regions and in 2 even-numbered regions (special elections). Local officers were up for election in all even-numbered regions and in 6 odd-numbered regions (special elections). Delegates to the 2019 Delegate Assembly (DA) were up for election in all locals.

For the regularly scheduled elections, nominations opened on February 11thand closed on April 11th, 2019. Special elections for Director of regions 6 and 12 and some officers in locals 101, 301, 501, 701, 1101, 1501 and 1702 were conducted as well, using the same timetable (exception: for the special election of Treasurer in local 101, nominations opened on April 2, 2019 and closed on May 2, 2019).

For all elections, voting opened on 5/14/2019 and closed on 5/28/2019. 

Sixteen (16) positions were contested: 


                                                                        Contests         Candidates

Statewide Vice President                                1                       2

Statewide Secretary                                        1                       2

Statewide Organizing Council                        1                       5

Statewide Political Council                            1                       16        

Regional Directors                                          2                       4                                              

Local Officers                                                  4                       9                      

Delegates                                                        6                       55

Total Contests/Candidates                           16                     93        

Web-based voting was conducted only for positions for which there were more nominees than available positions. The other statewide, local and regional contests had no more than one nominee for available positions.New this year, locals can no longer conduct elections at their local meetings.

Prior to the opening of voting, the list of contested elections and all candidates’ personal statements were posted on the MAPE website.

In this electronic election, 11,233 members were eligible to vote. BigPulse sent emails containing election instructions to these eligible voters. 

Balloting was completed on May 28th, 2019 at 11:59 pm. The total number of members voting was 3,849 out of 11,233 eligible voters, a participation rate of 34.3%.  This participation rate in a statewide election is slightly lower than the participation rate in the 2017 statewide election of 38.5% but higher than the 2015 participation rate of 33.1%.

Statewide Vice President Election

A significant development occurred in this contest. At the time that the election was set up, there were two eligible candidates for this position listed on the Candidate Eligibility Report; Thu Phan and Julie Hoffman. In this 2-person contest, Julie Hoffman received 54% of the votes compared to 46% for Thu Phan and is the apparent winner. At the end of the voting period, it was discovered that, Julie Hoffman had left state service and is therefore ineligible to serve as an officer. Election Rules, Article VII, Section 7, says, in relevant part:

  1. Ineligible Apparent Winner. If an apparent winner is ineligible, as defined in Bylaws Article VIII, at the time vote counting is completed, the Elections Committee or local election committee, as appropriate, will declare the election for that position void, nominations for that position will be reopened, and a special election will be held.  This procedure will be followed even if the apparent winner has been seated but is found to have been ineligible when the votes were counted. (emphasis added).

A special election is needed. Pursuant to Bylaws, Article VIII, section 2.B., the incumbent serves “until a successor is elected or appointed as provided in the MAPE Constitution, Bylaws, and Election Rules.” 

Comments from Voters

We received only 14 comments from voters in this election.  Three voters liked web voting. Four commented that they didn’t see the second page of the ballot. They were given instruction on how to vote and given a chance to revote where needed.

Prior to this election, the most common complaint was the lack of personal statements from candidates. This is no longer a problem because personal statements are now mandatory.


Pursuant to MAPE Election Rules, Article VII Section 8, the attached results of individual contests and uncontested races are hereby certified and shall be posted to the MAPE website.

Statewide Elections Committee Members:

Mike Landers, Chair             mikel7_8@msn.com

Robert “Bubba” Aguirre       Robert.Aguirre@state.mn.us

Benjamin Stoebner              Benjamin.Stoebner@state.mn.us

Christopher Cimafranca      Christopher.Cimafranca@state.mn.us