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In just a few weeks, the Negotiations Committee members will begin bargaining MAPE’s 2019-2021 contract with the governor’s team so the pressure is on to finalize contract proposals.  

At their latest meeting on March 7, MAPE representatives spent most of their time reviewing contract proposal language. “We’ve looked at healthcare and wages, so we’re beginning to look at the other four themes: investment in the workforce, equity and inclusion, work-life balance and healthy workplace. Member stories have really helped us to clarify the right solutions to problems,” Negotiations Committee Co-chair Maggie Dreon said.

Negotiators are also discussing new ways to kick-off the initial bargaining session with Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) on April 4. “We are looking at opening up the meeting to increase member engagement but haven’t yet secured a location,” added Dreon.

Several agencies are planning negotiations meetings at their agencies, including the Minnesota Dept. of Education (MDE). 

MDE MAPE-represented employees

On March 12, more than 50 Local 1001 members gathered at MDE to discuss their department’s bargaining priorities. “We are here to discuss our priorities and are looking forward to working with Commissioner Ricker and her team on the next bargaining steps. We know our priorities are important to MAPE-represented employees because we have received a strong response from members after doing  numerous one-on-ones, small groups, listening sessions and a comprehensive survey,” said Maurice Wilson, a special education fiscal monitor.

In the photo on the right, MAPE-represented employees share their thoughts and stories on bargaining priorities.

MDE’s bargaining priorities include professional development and career advancement, diversity and inclusion in recruitment, hiring and retention, consistent performance management practices and flexible work options. 

“Summary proposals and language are prepared for bargaining. We are ready – ready  to share our stories and substantive proposals when the full team is available,” Deb Rose, a grant specialist, said.

Watch a short video on the bargaining kick off below, with member thoughts on "One MDE" priorities. Also available on YouTube at: 

MDE Bargaining Kick Off