Contract negotiators prepare for Push Week

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Negotiations Committee members met on May 16 to finalize contract proposals before meeting with Minnesota Management and Budget (MMB) negotiators at the bargaining table later this month.

Right photo: Negotiations Committee members voting whether to carry forward or drop contract proposals. 

The team examined proposals offered by both MAPE and MMB and determined which ones to accept, decline or package with similar proposals. “We went through proposals today and prioritized which ones are most important to our members as we prepare for meetings with MMB at the end of May and during Push Week,” Negotiations Committee Co-Chair Maggie Dreon said.  

Wages and health care will also be discussed during Push Week, the final week of contract negotiations, which is tentatively scheduled to begin on June 17.

Thousands of members have engaged with negotiators about ideas for the 2019-2021 contract. Negotiations Committee Co-chair Lynn Butcher said the power in MAPE’s members “and the power we have behind this really good, comprehensive set of proposals that will not just benefit us but will benefit the state in terms of recruitment and retention and will make all of our workplaces better.”

“Through our negotiations campaign we have laid a powerful groundwork that has been rooted in member engagement because your stories and conversations help us understand which issues to move forward,” Dreon added.

“The state has filed for mediation. While we welcome a third party, neutral mediator we don’t believe we’re at an impasse. We can’t know for sure what the state’s motivation is for filing for mediation, but we suspect the contract campaign we’re running might be making them uncomfortable,” Dreon said.

“While we intend to abide by the rules of mediation, we will keep communicating with our members and involve you as we negotiate collectively,” she added.

The Negotiations team is planning a series of activities to engage even more members in contract negotiations over the next few weeks.